Saying Goodbye to My Big Blog Header

I have always loved having a big, bold header from my early days to after my WordPress migration. They are fun, colorful and memorable, but I recently made the decision to say goodbye. The main reason was to put more attention to my content and I will fiddle around with the header section a bit […]

We are Moving!

We have lived in one place for five years (and my husband for six), which any of you in the military or with friends in the military know is rare. The hard thing has been that we did not know we were going to be here this long, so we have been on our toes […]

{Almost} Back in the Swing of Things

We got home this week and it has been a whirlwind of laundry, unpacking, sorting through mail, cleaning and readjusting. I was almost feeling like a routine and bit of normalcy was in sight and then I got sick today. So I will chug along the best I can, but it may take me a […]

Greetings from Japan!

We survived a two day drive to Houston followed by two plane rides to get us across the Pacific ocean to Japan! I am almost caught up going through hundreds of emails and I will start publishing articles again. I just wanted to keep you updated since I disappeared for the past week, but I […]

Here Goes Nothing!

Alright, so after a week of ironing out some bumps with my migration to WordPress they are almost all resolved. I am still working on getting the remainder of my comments transferred, but these will not affect the giveaways since Rafflecopter has kept a record of who completed the mandatory entries and it shouldn’t affect […]

Pardon the Dust

So if you hadn’t noticed, my blog is now on WordPress! After weeks of behind the scenes work I made the switch last night and although it may take a few hours to load properly for everyone (this would be because of the cookies and cache your computer has saved from logging on before). So […]

WordPress Update

So my designer Melanie and I are busy at work getting ready for my big switch! I have actually surprised myself with how much I have been able to do on my own and how much HTML and CSS literacy I picked up over the years to change the color schemes, margins, borders and install […]

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