Little Boys & Their Dump Truck Toys

What is it about steering wheels and dumping that just make little boys tick? We had a birthday party for my daughter at an outdoor park last weekend and there was one point where I panicked, because we had lost sight of our toddler. I thought my husband had him and he thought I had […]

My Daughter at 48 Months ~Plus~ My First Birthday Disney Princess #Giveaway (5/3)

I am still trying to decide if 4 years or 48 months sounds better to me. Most moms will understand the excitement of a new milestone, but the denial that so much time and memories have already passed. My baby is four years old and I have been a mother for four years. In some […]

Educo Wooden Toys and Bead Mazes on HauteLook Today!

I am a sucker for wooden toys. Seriously if it’s make from wood I want it and if it’s colorful or adorable and on sale, I find some occasion or excuse to get it for my kids. Hautelook is one of about a dozen daily deal sites I follow and I have saved on lots […]

Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Girls ~Plus~ 24-hour DVD #Giveaway

Alright, so this is part two of my stocking stuffer articles as I continue my frantic search for stocking stuffers for my kids (thank goodness for Amazon Mom/Prime and free upgraded shipping at other online retailers)! Create! There is nothing like homemade, whether it’s sewn, glued, repurposed or home-baked. Whip up a simple apron, craft […]

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Babies & Toddlers

So we are less than a week from Christmas and hopefully I am not the only one who just realized I completely forgot about stocking stuffers! We will inevitably put some snacks and treats in them, but I like to put small toys and non-sugar goodies in for my kiddos to dig out as well. […]

Holiday Birthday Bash: Mega Bloks Toys for Boys & Girls

So I am still in denial in many ways that 1) it’s almost Christmas 2) my son turns one on the same day. Where did the year go? He shuffles all over the house holding the wall, couch, ottoman, my pant leg and takes an occasional single step while reaching to grab his next anchor. […]

Traveling With an Infant and a Preschooler

It can be hard to travel with kids and that older infant and early toddler age has been the hardest. They have either just learned to crawl or walk and get frustrated at being strapped in the car or hours on end or don’t understand why they can’t explore in an airport terminal. We went […]

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