How to Make The Perfect Cloth Wipe for Cloth Diapers (Free PDF Template)

  The perfect cloth wipe. At the end of the day a wipe is just a wipe, but the right size, material and thickness can make a notable difference particularly for the messy jobs. In my six years of cloth diapering I have used wipes of all shapes and sizes, but my very favorite wipes […]

My Nesting is in Full Gear: Sewing Sister Quilts

Although the to-do list is not getting shorter and I am growing anxious to get everything done before baby’s arrival, I found myself procrastinating some of my to-do list this past month by taking on a quilting project (I did hire a doula though, so that is one thing off my list). What started out […]

Montana Mountain Babes Knotty Hat Tutorial & Free Pattern Download

Today I am pleased to share a tutorial from my darling friend Darcy over at Montana Mountain Babes. We have a lovely collection of crocheted hats and clothing we have collected from her shop over the past couple of years and I even ordered an adorable fleece camo print pants and hat for my son […]

How to Make a Simple Reusable Diaper Sack ~Plus~ Babyville Boutique Giveaway (11/23)

I am infamous for forgetting to bring a wetbag on the go. Dirty diapers are typically set on the all-weather floor mat of the passenger seat in our van, or in the case that my husband is driving, under my feet. Not always pleasant and with my pregnant senses the window is often put down […]

Welcoming Fall with a Flannel Pajama Pant Project

Now that my nausea is more or less under control and is only an occasional occurrence, I am feeling this eminent need to be productive and creative! After spending some time earlier this week looking though some of my craft books and quilting patterns, we ventured out to the craft super store and I inevitably […]

Babyville Boutique Fabrics & Notions Available Near You!

Up until this fall most high quality or specialty fabrics used by individuals to make cloth diapers and other baby gear were limited to a handful of online retailers. It was almost like a special circle or club you had to be in to know where you could get PUL, snaps and other notions and […]

Holiday Gift Idea: Applique the Easy Way & Make Affordable, Personal Gifts for the Holidays

With about 10 days to wrap up holiday shopping for Christmas, you may be stuck on some ideas or running out of funds. A great personalized, affordable gift idea is to appliqué! And it’s perfect for any time of the year actually, and would be great for birthday or shower gifts. Whether you buy placemats, onesies […]

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