Pillsbury’s New Grands! Biscuit Sandwiches & Egg Scrambles ~Plus~ #Giveaway (11/13)

So we are cereal and yogurt-eating folk for breakfast, mainly because it is quick, easy and as long as you are smart about what you buy, nutritious. Although my kids wake me up early in the morning, I would not consider myself a morning person, which is probably why I have resorted to my cereal-eating […]

My Guilty Pleasure is Chocolate ~Plus Dove Chocolate Discoveries Starter Kit #Giveaway

I can’t remember how or when it started, but I would imagine it was probably love at first sight. Every memory I have of chocolate is a sweet one (pun intended) and growing up I had the opportunity to taste chocolates from around the world. My father would travel a good portion of the year […]

The New Activia Selects Greek, French and Dessert Varieties

Now that you know that I consume chocolate on a regular basis, I will talk about another staple that I write about on often: yogurt! I’ve made my own, written about a number of varieties and start my kids on whole milk yogurt around 6 months. Yogurt even has a whole basket in our fridge […]

Make Ghoulishly Green, Dye-Free Halloween Treats with Avocados & Enter For a Chance to Win $1000 in a Recipe Contest

Ever since I started reading articles about artificial food coloring from Health Child, Healthy World and other sources, I try to avoid them as much as possible. But how can you still achieve the bright colors children love or with Halloween around the corner, get those gooey green hues without resorting to food coloring? I […]

Do You Meal Plan? My Meal "Theme-ing" Success ~Plus $20 Visa Gift Card #Giveaway (9/15)

Photo Credit I have had the intention to meal plan and started a few times over the past couple of years, only to last about a week before I get back into my old, non-meal planning habits. I kick myself, because I know I could save time and money by sitting down and planning some […]

Affordable Organic Cooking from My Own Garden ~Plus~ Earthbound Farm Giveaway {EV $100} (8/17)

I strive to buy organic produce, especially the items listed in the “dirty dozen,” and have been blessed this summer to have some of my own organic produce from my very own garden. I have always used the ingredients in whatever recipe I was making, but I am now the proud owner of my first […]

Carrots & Apples & Pears, Oh My!: A Baby Brezza MommyParty

Babies, cooking and friends. What could be more fun? Not too many things. As moms we all crave two kinds of “mommy time”. Mommy time when you need your own space, to go to the bathroom uninterrupted or to get a manicure to rejuvenate. The other kind of mommy time that is essential is spending […]

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