My Cloth Wipes Reunion

After six months of using disposable wipes, I was finally able to reunite with my cloth wipes a couple of weeks ago. The original reason I stopped using them this past spring was when we put our house on the market and I did a major de-cluttering and staging of the house. I am all […]

Summer Water Play & Prince Lionheart FlexiBath Giveaway (7/26)

There are few things that can compete with water play in the world of a toddler. Most of our water play at home has been limited to the bath, but it is a favorite activity for my kids at the local children’s activity centers. Now that we have entered into the six weeks or so […]

Getting the Car Organized for a Week Long Car Trip ~Plus~ Prince Lionheart Travel #Giveaway (5/24)

We are moving in less than a month and I am getting excited and nervous. I am excited for change, but the thought of a week in the car with two kids and two cats intimidates me. How will the kids do? Will the cats drive us mad? Will my father-in-law be able to help […]

The Great bebePOD Exchange & 50 Seat Giveaway

Have your heard the news? In light of the U.S. Consumer Safety Trade Commissions’ urgent concern about parent’s using the Bumbo baby seat a couple of weeks ago, Prince Lionheart has decided to take drastic measures. I am sure there are many of you who own these seats and it may be hard to think […]

Holiday Birthday Bash: Prince Lionheart Toddler Bundle #Giveaway (12/14)

We have been a Prince Lionheart family for about three years now, long before I had the privilege of working as one of their Elite Writers. We love the safety features of our bebePOD Flex, the easy-to-clean nature of our boosterPOD, pottyPOD and weePOD, and (shhhh) we are adding a second Wheely Bug to our […]

How I Pick a Booster Seat ~Plus~ Prince Lionheart BoosterPOD #Giveaway (9/8)

Boosters are perfect when your kids grow out of their highchair but the table still comes chest-high making it hard for them to eat. We also like their portability of boosters when traveling. But with all the choices, which one do you choose? I have only owned two and tried a handful when we were […]

Prince Lionheart Balance Bike Review

What is a balance bike you may ask? I didn’t really “get it” when I first saw balance bikes on the Prince Lionheart website when my daughter was younger. Now that she has been riding a bike with training wheels for a year I wanted to start exposing her to a “big kid” bike and […]

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