Nutella Banana Split Cake

My daughter and I have been baking a lot this week and I wanted to share a recipe I tried and modified from a magazine this week. The original recipe was for a banana-split cake with a chocolate ganache frosting, but I did not have any whipping cream to make a ganache so I turned […]

Stonyfield & Tom’s of Maine #Giveaway for National Strawberry Month! (5/30)

As a huge strawberry fan since childhood, I am surprised that I had no idea May was National Strawberry Month. To celebrate the strawberry season we have ahead, Stonyfield and Tom’s of Maine have teamed up to bring you some summer deals as well as a goody bag for one lucky TCDR winner. First off, […]

My Daughter at 48 Months ~Plus~ My First Birthday Disney Princess #Giveaway (5/3)

I am still trying to decide if 4 years or 48 months sounds better to me. Most moms will understand the excitement of a new milestone, but the denial that so much time and memories have already passed. My baby is four years old and I have been a mother for four years. In some […]

Choosing a Cake for Her Big Day

My daughter is turning four this week. Four. One part of me is thrilled and other part of me is in disbelief. I also celebrate my journey of motherhood each spring so I think that adds a little extra sentiment to it all. See how darling and little she was on her first birthday (picture, […]

Mama, I Want Some Popcorn

This is a request I often dodge and we only indulge in popcorn every once in a while. Why? Mainly because I have known about the toxic gases that microwave popcorn bags contain and I feel guilty about making it with this knowledge is in the back of my head. I am not sure if […]

Do You Know Your Family Health History?

So we are at the end of American Heart Month and Welch’s has got family health history and heart health on my mind. I regularly worry about my family’s nutrition and things of that nature, but a healthy heart is not typically what I have in the forefront of my mind. I try and provide […]

Coo Coo for Coconut Oil

I have been compelled by coconut oil this past month and have been finding dozens of different ways it can be used. Boy is it one versatile product! I am all about having multitasking products in my home and I think it has found a permanent place in my pantry. I actually have gotten to […]

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