27 Cloth Diaper Baby Shower Idea Articles for Invitations, Decorations, Games and Gifts #FluffinAwesome

There have been so many fantastic articles and tutorials posted this week by my fellow co-hosts and I hope you have had the chance to follow and pin them to use at your next shindig. I am temped to make a prefold wreath to put up in my house year round (talk about a conversation […]

Puffy Newborn Cloth Diaper Cupcake Tutorial #FluffinAwesome

Earlier this week I shared lots of ideas for how to decorate a baby shower like a cloth diaper cafe, and one tutorial I promised was how to make my Puffy Cloth Wipe and Diaper Cover Cupcakes. This can be done completely with cloth wipes, like pictured in the mentioned article, but these make a […]

Seven Cloth Diaper and Baby Essentials Gift Bundle Ideas #FluffinAwesome

The decorations, food and games are great fun, but the most exciting part for me is to watch the expectant mom open gifts! I love to come up with original ideas to the pregnant mother’s needs or wishlist items, but registries are still helpful. They allow guests to buy something that they can be sure […]

Five Cloth Diaper Themed Baby Shower Games #FluffinAwesome

I have attended my share of baby showers over the years and it never fails that I get to see the competitive side come out in the most unexpected people! I am usually introduced to a new game or activity at each event as well, so it was fun to put cloth diaper and personal […]

Cloth Diaper Cafe: Bakery Themed Decoration Ideas Freshly Made for a Cloth Diaper Baby Shower #FluffinAwesome

A “Cloth Diaper Cafe” baby shower theme celebrates cloth diapers and accessories in a fun, memorable way. When I think of a baby shower or party, I think of all of the yummy food to be eaten and although this should not replace the food (heavens no!), it is a darling way to display everything. […]

Cloth Diaper Baby Shower Invitation & Thank You Card #FluffinAwesome (PDF Template + Silhouette Cut File)

I am excited to share with you a cloth diaper invitation that I designed to get your cloth diaper baby shower started on the right foot. There is both a PDF file you can print on card stock and cut by hand, or if you have a fancy schmancy electronic cutting machine like me, I […]

Fluffin’ Awesome Baby Shower! Cloth Diaper Invitations, Decorations, Games, Gifts, Food & Gigantic Giveaway

It’s a baby! Few things get a group of mothers more excited than a party to celebrate a new bundle of joy. One of the other things that make cloth-diapering parents equally as excited is cloth diapers— so combine the two and you will some pretty ecstatic party participants. When a family chooses to cloth […]

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