Cheeky Cloth Diaper Review ~Plus~ AI2 or Fitted #Clothdiapers #Giveaway (4/23)

Spring is here, which is the beginning of “wear fitted diapers around the house without covers” season for us. What I used to do when my daughter was young was put a piece of felted wool I made from an old sweater under the soaker of her fitted diapers to add a little protection while […]

Osocozy Fitted Diaper Review

I am happy to start sharing some budget-friendly diaper reviews, as they are always requested and I will start with the Osocozy sized fitted diaper with velcro closures.  Remember, sized diapers will cost a little more in the long run, because you have to buy an average of three different sizes over the span of the diapering […]

Babee Greens One Size Organic Fitted Diaper Review

If you have organic preferences, a heavy wetter or if you have just gotten over your intimidation of fitted diapers, Babee Greens are definitely one to consider. I love that their fabrics are made here in the U.S. and they seem to be staying softer than other organic cotton and hemp diapers I own. I […]

Pooters One Size Fitted Review

If you are looking for an affordable, one size fitted diaper that cuts bulk without compromising absorption, Pooters is a great option. Although this diaper can be used for daytime or nighttime, it is ideal for heavy wetters and overnight diapering, because it is made entirely of absorbent hemp or bamboo, which are both fabrics […]

Bagshot Row Bamboo Diaper Review

Bagshot Row Bamboo diapers seem to have a little cult following and I wasn’t about to be left out of the loop. I first heard their name on Diaper Swappers and it seemed that they were a popular diaper I just had to learn more about. Bagshot Row Bamboo diapers are essentially snapless, fitted diapers […]

Mother-ease Sandy’s Fitted Diaper & Air Flow Cover Review

As their name implies, Mother-ease boasts leak-proof diapers that make diapering a breeze for mothers (fathers and other caregivers too!). Although this Canadian company has many diapers, covers and fabrics to choose from, I was able to review their Sandy’s Fitted diaper and Air Flow cover over the past couple of months. The Asian panda […]

Tiny Tush Hemp One Size Fitted Review

Tiny Tush Trim Hemp One Size diapers take advantage of hemps ability to absorb a lot of moisture for its weight and use it to make this fitted diaper and insert. The insert snaps in so it can be removed for younger infants, lighter wetters or if you prefer an even trimmer fit in exchange […]

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