How I Removed Permanent Marker From My Kitchen Table

So teenagers are not given nearly enough credit for what they know. Seriously. I have been having a teenage babysitter to come over once a week so that I can get some additional things done around the house, deal with the upcoming move and, of course, blog. My three-year-old discovered where the Sharpie permanent markers […]

The Quintessence of Successful Goals & Organization

We are well on our way into February, but I still have lots of simplifying to tackle– doesn’t sound too simplistic now, does it? But just as a refresher from my previous article, my goal is to weed out the different forms of clutter in my life so I can focus on what is most […]

SanDisk Memory Vault ~Plus Four 20% Off Coupon Code #Giveaway (12/17)

When I left home over ten years ago my father sent me off with six photo albums for me to keep and add to on my own. He is such a good example of being a family historian and made an album for each of us kids as we grew up to document our childhood […]

Family Movie Night: Game of Your Life premiers Friday, December 2 on NBC at 8pm ET/7pm CT

It is that time again. The newest P&G Family Movie Night release will be airing tomorrow night for some good, clean, family fun. This newest release emphasizes the importance of decision making for the things that matter most, although video game enthusiasts may also enjoy the setting and subject matter of the movie. Although I […]

Check Out the premiere of Game Time: Tackling the Past, this Saturday, September 3 on NBC at 8pm ET/7pm CT

Get the <a href=”″>Uploads by momcentral11</a> widget and many other <a href=””>great free widgets</a> at <a href=””>Widgetbox</a>! Not seeing a widget? (<a href=””>More info</a>)  We have only been to the movies as a family once since my daughter was born, can you believe it? My husband and I do most of our movie watching at […]

Get Outside: Aerobie Sprint Rings are Light and Soft to Handle for Everyone in the Family

I do not consider us an “outdoor family”. Although we go on walks and do various activities in the yard or at the park, but we are not a camping, hiking sort of crowd. Now that my daughter is getting older I am trying to encourage more outdoor activities and it gets us all some […]

Check Out Family Movie Night: Field of Vision Saturday June 10, 2011 at 8PM ET/7PM CT

Get the <a href=””>Field of Vision Trailer</a> widget and many other <a href=””>great free widgets</a> at <a href=””>Widgetbox</a>! Not seeing a widget? (<a href=””>More info</a>)Hopefully most of you had the opportunity to watch the last heartwarming film Family Movie Night, Truth Be Told, sponsored by P&G and Walmart. Well this Saturday June 10th at 8PM […]

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