Giving My Cloth Diaper Routinue a Breath of Fresh Air

There is something to be said about simplicity and my dose of diapering simplicity this week was a breath of fresh air. After catching up with my loads of laundry last week after my dryer was fixed I was feeling a little burnt out. Line drying loads of laundry for three weeks with the added […]

The Hiney Lineys Versa is an Updated, Accessorized Version of the Original You Love ~Plus~ #Giveaway (2/3)

Sweet Pea One Size Diaper Cover Review

Now that I am cloth diapering a newborn I am really getting a better picture of the full range of one size diapers. Most one size diapers and covers are too large if not very bulky on a newborn and small infant, but one I found that was a little less bulky and fit my […]

Real Nappies Review

  Real Nappies are a new product to the U.S., however, are a popular diaper found on the super market shelves of New Zealand. It is a basic, and what I would refer to as a more traditional, cloth diapering system of cotton prefolds and sized covers. So it is one of the more affordable […]

Mother-ease Sandy’s Fitted Diaper & Air Flow Cover Review

As their name implies, Mother-ease boasts leak-proof diapers that make diapering a breeze for mothers (fathers and other caregivers too!). Although this Canadian company has many diapers, covers and fabrics to choose from, I was able to review their Sandy’s Fitted diaper and Air Flow cover over the past couple of months. The Asian panda […]

Hiney Lineys Review & Inventory Clearance!

Many diapers I stumble upon or that are newly released have features that I have thought up in my head months before. It’s like those Windows 7 commercials, where I think “hey, I talked to so-and-so about that needing a diaper like that months ago!” or “Hi, my name is Emi and diaper XYZ was […]

sustainablebabyish | sloomb Knit Longies Review & Coupon

I have drooled over sustainablebabyish|sloomb products ever since they first caught my eye and I’m sure many of you have seen their bright, freshly colored wool interlock covers, karate pants and fitted diapers. I am excited to announce they have added soft, thick, double layer knit covers to their lineup. They are currently available in […]

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