The Hiney Lineys Versa is an Updated, Accessorized Version of the Original You Love ~Plus~ #Giveaway (2/3)

The New bumGenius Freetime All-in-One Diaper ~Plus~ 3-Diaper #Giveaway (10/3)

I am here at the ABC Kids Expo and overwhelmed at all there is to see here! One product that bumGenius announced prior to the expo was the bumGenius Freetime All-in-One diaper, which I have been able to see first hand and am thrilled to offer you a giveaway sponsored by Diaper Junction. This is […]

Another Sort of "One Size" Diaper: The Knickernappies Medium Pocket

So although I have tried to spare my son from the girlish colors and prints, he has ended up with a large number of hand-me-downs from sister. As in, almost all of her diapers. The diaper I am specifically speaking of today is a melon-colored size medium Custom Fit Pocket Diaper by Knickernappies that fit […]

Osocozy Fitted Diaper Review

I am happy to start sharing some budget-friendly diaper reviews, as they are always requested and I will start with the Osocozy sized fitted diaper with velcro closures.  Remember, sized diapers will cost a little more in the long run, because you have to buy an average of three different sizes over the span of the diapering […]

My "Paint it Purple" Prefold Diaper Tutorial in Honor of Welch’s National Nutrition Month

“If you can’t beat them, join them.” Stains, that is. When brainstorming my Welch’s activity for this blog tour I hemmed and hawed, and felt like everything creative had already been done. Painting with it, cooking, and with easter around the corner: dyeing eggs. What could I possibly do that was original, unique and reflected […]

Peachy Green Diapers (formerly Bright Star Baby) All-in-One Cloth Diaper Review

It’s bittersweet to be thinking that this may be the last diaper I officially reviewed on my daughter although I may try a one size on her from time to time to test out the size range of a product. She has been potty trained for a while, but still needs a diaper overnight and […]

Sweet Pea One Size Diaper Cover Review

Now that I am cloth diapering a newborn I am really getting a better picture of the full range of one size diapers. Most one size diapers and covers are too large if not very bulky on a newborn and small infant, but one I found that was a little less bulky and fit my […]

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