New Babykicks Basic Pocket Diaper and the Updated Premium Pocket Diaper

  New products always bring a feeling of excitement, because it signifies how far cloth diapers have come and that they continue to get better and offer more options for families. Babykicks has just released two products, a new Basic Pocket Diaper and an updated product they have named their Premium Pocket Diaper. I received […]

Cheeky Cloth Diaper Review ~Plus~ AI2 or Fitted #Clothdiapers #Giveaway (4/23)

Spring is here, which is the beginning of “wear fitted diapers around the house without covers” season for us. What I used to do when my daughter was young was put a piece of felted wool I made from an old sweater under the soaker of her fitted diapers to add a little protection while […]

Ready to Play? AppleCheeks’ Scavenger Hunt Starts Today!

AppleCheeks has a new product up their sleeve and wants to give you a chance to have some fun while discovering the new product and a chance to win some fluffy goodness. Although it’s not their new black color pictured left, which is old news, I thought I’d share it on this post in case […]

The New Charlie Banana Fashion Collection Features Art by Matthew Langille ~Plus~ #Giveaway (10/7)

There have been some recent trends in the world of cloth diapering and one of them is custom designed artwork for diapers. It is a trend I am enjoying, because it not only brings more variety to the cloth diapering world, but it is proof that cloth diapers are hip, progressive and a work of […]

The New bumGenius Freetime All-in-One Diaper ~Plus~ 3-Diaper #Giveaway (10/3)

I am here at the ABC Kids Expo and overwhelmed at all there is to see here! One product that bumGenius announced prior to the expo was the bumGenius Freetime All-in-One diaper, which I have been able to see first hand and am thrilled to offer you a giveaway sponsored by Diaper Junction. This is […]

Another Sort of "One Size" Diaper: The Knickernappies Medium Pocket

So although I have tried to spare my son from the girlish colors and prints, he has ended up with a large number of hand-me-downs from sister. As in, almost all of her diapers. The diaper I am specifically speaking of today is a melon-colored size medium Custom Fit Pocket Diaper by Knickernappies that fit […]

The bumGenius B5G1 Promo is Back

  It’s back! Through the end of August take advantage of one of the best bG deals you can come by (since retailers can’t offer coupons or incentives otherwise). I know I have been talking about taking advantage of it the past couple of time they have offered it over the past year and I […]

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