Cheeky Cloth Diaper Review ~Plus~ AI2 or Fitted #Clothdiapers #Giveaway (4/23)

Spring is here, which is the beginning of “wear fitted diapers around the house without covers” season for us. What I used to do when my daughter was young was put a piece of felted wool I made from an old sweater under the soaker of her fitted diapers to add a little protection while […]

The New bumGenius Freetime All-in-One Diaper ~Plus~ 3-Diaper #Giveaway (10/3)

I am here at the ABC Kids Expo and overwhelmed at all there is to see here! One product that bumGenius announced prior to the expo was the bumGenius Freetime All-in-One diaper, which I have been able to see first hand and am thrilled to offer you a giveaway sponsored by Diaper Junction. This is […]

Peachy Green Diapers (formerly Bright Star Baby) All-in-One Cloth Diaper Review

It’s bittersweet to be thinking that this may be the last diaper I officially reviewed on my daughter although I may try a one size on her from time to time to test out the size range of a product. She has been potty trained for a while, but still needs a diaper overnight and […]

OsoCozy AIO Diaper Review {Sponsored by Cloth and Carry}

The OsoCozy All-in-One Diaper is a no-fuss diaper that uses velcro closures and uses essentially a prefold or a flat as the inner absorption fabric for the diaper. So no stuffing, snapping or changing out inserts is needed, which can be a time saver and less intimidating to other caregivers. Although the drying time is a little […]

GroVia One Size All-in-One Review {Sponsored by Squishy Tushy}

All-in-One diapers have always been an easy-to-use option, but have previously been limited in size, drying time and adjustability. The GroVia All-in-One diaper throws many previous preconceptions about all-in-one diapers out the window and is a significant improvement from its former sized Dream-Eze version. It is trim, the stretchy sides allow for a snug fit, […]

New Bummis One Size AIO Diaper Review

If you have been looking for a cross between a pocket style diaper and an AIO, I may have found the diaper for you! The new Bummis One Size AIO diaper takes advantage of the easier-to-wash and quick-drying features of a tongue style AIO, but the stay dry and easier-to-clean nature of a pocket diaper. […]

Blue Penguin SposoEasy All-in-One Review & 5% Coupon Code

SposoEasy AIO diapersare trim and an easy-to-use option for busy families as they are quick drying and do not require stuffing or un-stuffing inserts. One of the first things you will notice about these diapers is that they do not have any synthetic inner lining options, as they believe in only having natural fibers against […]

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