Cloth Diaper Quiz: Laidback Lola/Larry

Laidback Lola

You know that cloth diapering can be fun and should save money, not be stressful or costly. You have a reasonably sized stash of diapers of your favorite styles and brands and are not ashamed to use disposable inserts or diapers when needed for travel or a short break. You may purchase additional diapers or accessories on occasion, but only if something really catches your eye for its function or cuteness. A Laidback Lola/Larry is content with what works for you and do not spend too much time obsessing over diaper brands, patterns or topics. If cloth diapers come up in a conversation you are happy to share your experiences, but you do not go searching for opportunities to recruit other moms to your lifestyle.

height=125My blog recommendation for you is The Eco-Friendly Family where Amanda has a more laid back approach when it comes to cloth diapers, although she is an active advocate. She writes about a wide range of green living and parenting topics, but has an extensive section devoted to all things cloth diapers that are a good resource. She is also one of the great minds behind the free Green Child eMagazine, a free online magazines for eco-minded families.

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