How to Enter Giveaways

Entering giveaways is one of the many perks and pleasures that comes with reading and being involved in blogs. Although I don’t have time to enter as many giveaways as I used to, I always get giddy when I get the chance at testing my luck. Although I have started to use Rafflecopter, a widget that makes giveaways easier to keep organized for everyone involved, here is a quick “how-to” with some more detailed information about the rules and etiquette of entering a giveaway on my blog.

1. Make sure you complete the mandatory entry. This is the one and only required comment to be entered into a giveaway and it must be completed for any of your entries to count. Rafflecopter does a pretty good job of keeping you from completing additional entries until this one is completed, but I typically require that an actual comment is made on the blog so the number of comments should match up with the number of entrants on Rafflecopter.

2. Make sure my email address is on your “safe email” list. I can email you over and over again about a prize you have won, but if my message goes to your junk folder for whatever reason and I don’t get a response in the designated time frame I will have to drawn a new winner. So make sure you can get my emails and go ahead and add it to your safe list now: emi (at) theclothdiaperreport (dot) com.

3. Submit as many of the additional entries as you would like. None of these are mandatory to be entered into the giveaway, but the more additional entries you complete, the higher your odds become at being the winning comment. Make sure to follow the directions and limitations each of the additional entries specify, as I do try and keep certain limits on tweets, additional comments or other giveaways you have entered. The main goals for these additional entries are to get connected through networks, encourage more blog involvement on the non-giveaway posts, and help spread the word about the giveaway.

4. I post winners once a week on average, depending on how many giveaways are running and will email the winner in addition to posting the winning comments via blog post. I draw winners on Rafflecopter and it randomly picks a comment for me when I click to pick a winner after the giveaway has closed.  I will double check your entry (if you said you tweeted, I will check the link!) to make sure you followed the guidelines so that it is fair to everyone else and I will send the winner an email notifying them of the splendid news!

5. If you are a winner, you will be contacted via email and typically have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is drawn. So if you know you will be out of town, travelling or on vacay within a week after a giveaway has closed, it is your responsibility to check your email on your phone, at the hotel, etc.

6. Let me know when you get your prize and how much you love it! I don’t hear back about readers receiving their products very often and sometimes it’s nice to know all my hard work is appreciated or how a product works for a different family. This is not mandatory, but leaves my warm, fuzzy feelings that help me fuel all the work and energy that I put into this blog! If you have pictures to share of your family using the product I would love to see them and am happy to post them if you want to show off.

Each company I work with ships their prizes differently. Some ship within 1-2 business days of receiving the shipping information you provide me and others take up to 30 days. There are certain campaigns that even take 6-8 weeks after a winner is drawn, but I will note this in the giveaway if this information has been provided. If a few weeks have passed and you still haven’t received your products you can always email me and I am happy to follow up with the company. There have been a few cases where I have been contacted that a prize hasn’t been received and it is usually something as simple as an item being back ordered or a PR representative has left on maternity leave and it has fallen through the cracks.

Once the winner is drawn and I have forwarded the information to the company I am no longer responsible for whether or not the company follow through with their prize. Again, this has not been an issue up until now, and I am happy to try and nag help you get in touch with the companies for updates if there is ever an issue. Alright, what are you waiting for? Go enter some giveaways!

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