Cloth Diaper Quiz: Frugal Fannie/Frank

Frugal Fannie

Regardless of your budget you are frugal all the way. Frugal Fannie/Franks put a bag of old T-shirts to good use by making your own T-shirt diapers and have turned those forgotten wool sweaters into adorable longies and soakers. You have a tall stack of prefolds and are a sucker for a bargain on new or used cloth diapers in any style. You spread your diapering savings even further by making your own cloth diaper friendly detergent and are the first to give extra money-saving tips to other cloth diaper users.

Some of my favorite budget-friendly cloth diapers and brands are Diaper Rite by Diaper Junction, Geffen Baby, Pooters and Babyville Boutique (for you DIY cloth diaper sewers). Find a reliable diaper cover like the one size Sweet Pea Diaper Cover, a fleece soaker or some upcycled wool longies and you will be good to go!

DDLbuttonA great resource for many things frugal is the Dirty Diaper Laundry blog. Kim hosts an annual flats challenge, provides resources for budget cloth diapers and is the queen of video reviews. In addition to her frequent diaper reviews and budget friendly tutorials, she has recently published a free Cloth Diaper Booklet For Inexpensive Diapering Options.

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