Cloth Diaper Quiz: Couture Cassie/Cooper

Couture CassieNothing is too good for your little babe or for your cloth diaper stash! You are fueled by hard-to-find fabrics and patterns and would never be happy with just any old cloth diaper stash. In addition to the quality, rarity and quantity of diapers you own, you may have an equal number of NIP diapers that may or may not be de-NIPed in your child’s lifetime. Some people collect designer purses or thimbles; you have got couture cloth diapers covered. A Couture Cassie/Cooper are not an addict because you thoughtfully and strategically plan what diapers you want to add to your stash, know they exact pattern names and never, ever have remorse. Your stomach does, however, knot-up at the thought of ever selling your beauties. They stay little forever, right?

Autumn from All About Cloth Diapers is down to earth, but has a keen eye for hard to find cloth diapers. Her blog features reviews and articles on cloth diapers and must have baby items, and she is also the author of the Ultimate Guide to Cloth Diapers, a resource for the many questions that arise for new or seasoned cloth diapering families. She is one of the first cloth diaper bloggers back when cloth diapering blogs were few and far between, and is a veteran cloth diapering mom of six beautiful babies.

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