Learning to Listen to Nature’s Whisperings

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind in slow motion. Between the absence of regular naps for my toddler, being crammed in a hotel room together for almost two weeks, driving twenty-two hundred miles and unpacking, it has been chaotic, stressful and drawn out. Thankfully things are finally slowing down as the house is […]

Our Recent Family Photos & Adding to My Summer Wardrobe with Fresh Produce

We had family photos taken the end of April that we just got back last week and I am excited to finally have some photos with all four of us (I am always the one behind the camera). I wish that we could retake them now that I am starting to reap the rewards of […]

Just What the Doctor Ordered #bbcstl

I cannot believe it has taken me almost two weeks to write about my fabulous Saturday in St. Louis at Bloggy Boot Camp, but things were a little hectic with a certain little girl turning four years old last week. I am still in denial about that. This was my first blogging conference after three […]

Saying Goodbye to My Big Blog Header

I have always loved having a big, bold header from my early days to after my WordPress migration. They are fun, colorful and memorable, but I recently made the decision to say goodbye. The main reason was to put more attention to my content and I will fiddle around with the header section a bit […]

We are Moving!

We have lived in one place for five years (and my husband for six), which any of you in the military or with friends in the military know is rare. The hard thing has been that we did not know we were going to be here this long, so we have been on our toes […]

A Week Without Cloth Diapers & Healthier Disposables to Consider

There have been days or times where I have turned to disposable diapers over the years or used disposable liners with a cloth cover; Yet I cannot think of a time that I went a whole week at home without a cloth diaper. I typically only turn to disposables for an occasional day while I […]

Categories versus Tags in WordPress

So it has been months since I officially made my switch to WordPress, but between traveling the month of October, the holidays and some personal legal matters that have been consuming my life the past two months I still feel like a newbie. One thing that was on my to-do list, but was put on […]

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