Two Cars, Two Kids & Twenty-Two Hundred Miles

In the past couple of weeks we have survived ten days of hotels, five days driving and nine states with two cars, two kids and two cats, which now that I stop and think about it, is quite the accomplishment! Although thankful to be out of the car, we are eager to get back into […]

Part Time, Most-of-the-Time & Occasional Cloth Diapering

The count down has begun. Our little family will be driving away from this little town and state we have known for the past five years (and that my children have only ever known) in exactly one week. This week will be filled with preparing, packing, cleaning, and come Sunday we will be starting our […]

Getting the Car Organized for a Week Long Car Trip ~Plus~ Prince Lionheart Travel #Giveaway (5/24)

We are moving in less than a month and I am getting excited and nervous. I am excited for change, but the thought of a week in the car with two kids and two cats intimidates me. How will the kids do? Will the cats drive us mad? Will my father-in-law be able to help […]

My Daughter at 48 Months ~Plus~ My First Birthday Disney Princess #Giveaway (5/3)

I am still trying to decide if 4 years or 48 months sounds better to me. Most moms will understand the excitement of a new milestone, but the denial that so much time and memories have already passed. My baby is four years old and I have been a mother for four years. In some […]

Washing Your Wool & Delicates on the Go with Eucalan ~Plus~ 2 Winner #Giveaway (4/24)

So summer is around the corner and many of you likely have travel plans whether it’s an overnight getaway or an exciting road trip. I am pleased to bring you a giveaway from my favorite wool wash and go-to for other special fabrics: Eucalan! Did you know that their scents do not just smell good, […]

We are Moving!

We have lived in one place for five years (and my husband for six), which any of you in the military or with friends in the military know is rare. The hard thing has been that we did not know we were going to be here this long, so we have been on our toes […]

Will Travel, With Kids

We just returned from our whirlwind trip to Las Vegas this past week and I feel like I am just starting to recover! Living in the middle of no where (which significantly adds to the travel time each way), traveling with young children and staying in a hotel is stressful. There is no such thing […]

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