Which Do You Prefer: A Hankie, a Tissue or Sleeve? ~Plus~ Seventh Generation Cold & Flu Essentials #Giveaway (12/20)

Cold and flu season is harder to avoid now that my daughter goes to preschool. We cannot hibernate indoors to avoid germs and my daughter has already come down with one little cold last month that was not severe as much as it was drawn out. She only felt under the weather for a couple […]

How to Make a Simple Reusable Diaper Sack ~Plus~ Babyville Boutique Giveaway (11/23)

I am infamous for forgetting to bring a wetbag on the go. Dirty diapers are typically set on the all-weather floor mat of the passenger seat in our van, or in the case that my husband is driving, under my feet. Not always pleasant and with my pregnant senses the window is often put down […]

Baking Soda Detox Bath Recipe & Using Baking Soda in Other Beauty Applications

Growing up I thought baking soda was only for baking and making those volcano science projects. After all, it is called baking soda. Wacky cake was one recipe I remember making with my mother that used the magic of the vinegar and baking soda reaction to make a yummy eggless cake (similar to this recipe). […]

My Cloth Wipes Reunion

After six months of using disposable wipes, I was finally able to reunite with my cloth wipes a couple of weeks ago. The original reason I stopped using them this past spring was when we put our house on the market and I did a major de-cluttering and staging of the house. I am all […]

Hiring a Cleaning Lady During Pregnancy ~Plus~ Seventh Generation #Giveaway (10/29)

A couple of years ago when I found out my brother and his wife hired a cleaning service to come twice a month I will admit I was a little jealous. They could afford it since they both worked full time and that was also the reason they did not have a lot of time […]

My Dirty Little Litter Box Secret

I have a secret. I used disposable pads in my litter box for over three years. It was a heaven-send when I started using the system when my daughter was an infant. No more trails of litter across the bathroom floor or murky puddles that resulted when getting our of the bath or shower. It […]

Seven Ways to Upcycle Old Business Cards & 250 Uprinting Business Card Giveaway (7/31)

I finally got rid of a couple hundred old business cards I had lying around for the past couple of years as I did some last minute de-cluttering before our movers arrived last month. I had explored different ways to upcycle your business cards and tried some things but never got around to other ideas […]

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