Catchick6 Creations Makes Adorable Appliquéd Training Pants & Underwear Review

So my daughter is part time potty trained. I am sure everyone’s definition of that is different, but she uses the potty about half the time and still wets her diaper or trainer half the time. It is definitely leaning towards more potty success than diaper wetting, but we had a little regression on vacation, […]

Abby’s Lane $20 Gift Certificate Giveaway (Closed)

Abby’s Lane is a great online shop boasting free shipping on all U.S. orders (no minimum!), has a very large selection of brands and products, a rewards points program, plus they offer an additional coupon code and wealth of knowledge to its Yahoo Group newsletter subscribers. They are located in my old stomping grounds as […]

Patriotic Pillow Pet Review

Pillow Pets are well loved in our home and my daughter loves to snuggle and sleep with hers, although my husband and I gladly pop one under our heads to relax. I announced the launch of a limited edition Pillow Pet earlier this summer and have had the opportunity to review one and offer a […] Going to the Dogs Giveaway Marathon

As you will have noticed by now if you have been following for any length of time, KAM Snaps loves to host giveaways on their blog to support animal rescue causes. Although entries are sometimes involved, the prizes are fabulous, so definitely hop over to the blog and check out the latest Going to […]

Best Bottom Diaper Review

  All-in-two diapers are all the craze, as they provide the affordability of a prefold system without the bulk. Prefolds are often thought to be the most economical system, but more families need to realize that AI2 systems can be just as affordable if not more affordable than a prefold system when coupled with a […]

Pooters One Size Fitted Review

If you are looking for an affordable, one size fitted diaper that cuts bulk without compromising absorption, Pooters is a great option. Although this diaper can be used for daytime or nighttime, it is ideal for heavy wetters and overnight diapering, because it is made entirely of absorbent hemp or bamboo, which are both fabrics […]

Snapware Cupcake Carrier & Glass Storage Set Review

Whether you need to get organized in the kitchen, garage or for seasonal decor, Snapware has something for just about everything! I love to organize, but part of being organized (which is definitely a process with a growing family) is having the right tools for the job. Snapware products have a number of options including […]

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