Celebrating Baby’s First Birthday & Our Third Cloth Diapered Baby With a Charlie Banana 3-Pack #giveaway (3/27)

36 Weeks Pregnant

My darling baby is turning one tomorrow and I can hardly believe it. Where has the past year gone? It has been a journey, giving birth while my husband was deployed, the doulas stumbling in ten minutes after she had made her appearance and learning to be a mother of three. She has been a […]

From The First Peek to Big Shiny Teeth – Complete Natural Oral Care For Infants On Up! #Giveaway (3/5)


Teeth. The past few months have been full of new ones in our home. My five year old just lost her third baby tooth last week and during the past couple of months, my eleven-month-old has broken four new teeth for a grand total of six (with two more on the way). As you can […]

MAM Valentine’s Day Pacifier Giveaway (2/20)


Not every baby takes to a pacifier or to just any pacifier. Neither of my girls have been particularly fond of them, as much as I wanted them to many nights, but my son and his pacifier were inseparable. We barely weaned my son off of his for nap time and bedtime this last fall […]

Have Your Kids Been Hit By Lalaloopsy Fever Yet? ~Plus~ Nickelodeon Valentine’s Day DVD Bundle #giveaway (2/18)

Nickelodeon V Day

We are late on the Lalaloopsy bandwagon, but my older kids have fallen in love with it over the past couple of months. We are even heading to the craft store tomorrow to get some additional supplies to sew our own button-eyed creations and I was excited to see the new Lalaloopsy Babies wear cloth […]

I Never Thought the Words Cloth Diapers & Jeans Could Be in the Same Sentence ~Plus~ Enter the Huge Project Pomona “It Could Be Love” Valentine’s Day Giveaway


When you use cloth diapers you may find that your little ones grow out of clothing sooner or that you are buying larger bottoms to coordinate with tops to accommodate for the extra room needed. If the pants fit them in the hips the waist may be too big and the bottoms are inches too […]

Two Weeks ‘Til Christmas ~Plus~ $25 Novica GC #Giveaway (12/15)

Novica Gift Wrap

Although I swear every year that I will simplify things to avoid the stress of the holidays, it somehow creeps up on me. Perhaps it is that my son shares his birthday with Christmas so I have more festivities to plan and prep, and maybe it is because my husband is home this year and […]

A Look at the Smart Snugs SimpleSnug Cloth Diaper ~Plus~ SimpleSnug Bundle #giveaway (12/17)

Smart Snugs Pocket Diaper

This orange and blue diaper is complemented perfectly by our funky Japanese shirt, don’t you think? I bought it five years ago while visiting my parents when big sister was an infant and it was only gently used so it still looks as good as new. I love when I have tops to coordinate with […]

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