Get Outside: Aerobie Sprint Rings are Light and Soft to Handle for Everyone in the Family

I do not consider us an “outdoor family”. Although we go on walks and do various activities in the yard or at the park, but we are not a camping, hiking sort of crowd. Now that my daughter is getting older I am trying to encourage more outdoor activities and it gets us all some […]

Keep Their Piggies Stylish & Warm at

There is nothing like little feet and as much as I hate to cover them up I have to protect them from the sun in the summer and snow in the winter, so it’s a good thing little socks are almost as cute as little piggies. is a newer online shop that carries thousands of […]

The Learning Tower Part One: An Introduction

My daughter loves to help in the kitchen, but sometimes it is just easier to set her down with an art project or turn on a cartoon while I am cooking so I can get things done faster. I don’t know about you, but when my daughter drags a chair from the kitchen table up […]

Color it By Numbers Review

My three-year-old continues to get more computer saavy as the months go on and we have even had to set up passwords to keep her from sneaking online (Daddy made her some shortcut icons on the desktop). So when the opportunity came along to review coloring software for the computer, since my daughter loves to […]

The Role (Model) of a Mother

Let’s face it. Our kids see the choices we make both in word and deed, so even in our weakest moments, we do our best to be a positive example. I am often reminded of phrases I should avoid or actions I should modify when I see my daughter copying them…and realize I wasn’t being […]

New Tea Cup Piglets Review

The little princess had a lovely birthday and with her party, Easter and actual birthday all in a row, she got quite the new lineup of toys. One of her new favorites is the Teacup Piglets, where she gets to take care of two mini teacup piglets and a matching mommy piggy. She calls the […]

My Daughter Loves Jason (Kids Only! Bath Products, That is)

Hands down, the toothpaste is my daughter’s favorite toiletry and she is in love with Jasons’ Kids Only! Toothpaste. And how could she resist? The fun marine life icons are adorable and delicious scents are irresistible. We received the orange variety of toothpaste to review, but have also gotten the strawberry on our own and my daughter couldn’t be […]

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