Getting Ready to Be a Flower Girl with Hailey Twitch and the Wedding Glitch

We’re getting ready for a wedding! My sister-in-law got engaged this fall and we are excited to be attending our first family wedding since…ours. My daughter will be the flower girl and my little guy will be a ring bearer of sorts. It will be a smaller destination wedding (although the guest list is looking […]

Holiday Birthday Bash: Montana Mountain Babes Big Booty Pants ~Plus~ #Giveaway (12/12)

The weather in the Midwest is crazy. You think fall has passed and the winter weather has come, then you get a week of spring-like weather, followed by a plummet into the 20s and 30s and freezing rain, which always feels ten times worse after the warmer weather. My poor little guy’s cheeks got red […]

HappiTaps Beary Happi Case Makes for Some Beary Happy Kids

Or should I say “beary happy kid” (singular) since my infant is screaming if my daughter has it, and my daughter starts to whine if he holds it for more than two minutes. Regardless, this is been a huge hit since it came out of the box. Both of my kids are entertained by our […]

The Family Storybook Treasury [Book] ~Plus~ #Giveaway (12/2)

When I think of books and the holidays I get an image of a warm, cozy fireplace burning and a family gathered together on the floor for story time. Maybe some hot cocoa in hand and marshmallows in the fireplace as well. I am definitely excited to put up the tree this weekend and start […]

My Daughter Now Loves to Mismatch Her Socks ~Plus~ The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes #Giveaway [Book] (11/19)

This was one of the books we took on our three-and-a-half week vacation in October and my daughter loves it. Inspired by the book, she has been mismatching her socks and my husband and I love that it reinforces that she doesn’t need to be perfect. In fact, she is much better that way! My […]

Llama, llama, home with mama: New Book Release ~Plus~ 3 Winner #Giveaway (9/20)

Cold and flu season is just around the corner and although we try our best to avoid getting sick, the odds are high that someone in your family will get the sniffles. And doesn’t it always seem that if one person gets sick, the whole family ends up coming down with something? This new release […]

Free Disney Princess Call Promotion at Target ~Plus~ #Giveaway (9/18)

The older my daughter gets, the more she reminds me of when I was a little girl. Tomboyish and girly all rolled up into one. She has started to really get into the princess phase and went from just liking them to constantly playing tea party, wanting to call each other “your highness” or “majesty” […]

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