My Daughter Now Loves to Mismatch Her Socks ~Plus~ The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes #Giveaway [Book] (11/19)

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

This was one of the books we took on our three-and-a-half week vacation in October and my daughter loves it. Inspired by the book, she has been mismatching her socks and my husband and I love that it reinforces that she doesn’t need to be perfect. In fact, she is much better that way! My […]

Llama, llama, home with mama: New Book Release ~Plus~ 3 Winner #Giveaway (9/20)

Llama llama home with mama excerpt

Cold and flu season is just around the corner and although we try our best to avoid getting sick, the odds are high that someone in your family will get the sniffles. And doesn’t it always seem that if one person gets sick, the whole family ends up coming down with something? This new release […]

Free Disney Princess Call Promotion at Target ~Plus~ #Giveaway (9/18)

The older my daughter gets, the more she reminds me of when I was a little girl. Tomboyish and girly all rolled up into one. She has started to really get into the princess phase and went from just liking them to constantly playing tea party, wanting to call each other “your highness” or “majesty” […]

How I Pick a Booster Seat ~Plus~ Prince Lionheart BoosterPOD #Giveaway (9/8)

Boosters are perfect when your kids grow out of their highchair but the table still comes chest-high making it hard for them to eat. We also like their portability of boosters when traveling. But with all the choices, which one do you choose? I have only owned two and tried a handful when we were […]

Just Jen Customizable Swarovski Crystal T-Shirts ~Plus~ #Giveaway (9/7)

Although my left-hand bling is what matters most, you can’t go wrong with more sparkle. Being in a military community and with 4th of July, Labor Day weekend and essentially year-round patriotism all around me, I chose their pre-made USA T-shirt to flaunt on those days or occasions where I want to show some U.S. […]

We love Pajamas! Crazy for Bargains Review & $25 Store Credit #Giveaway (8/28)

We love pajamas around here. As in my husband will often come home from work on days we don’t leave the house and he will find us still in our pajamas. I have never really owned more than a handful of “proper” pajamas, and usually end up in big T-shirts and lounge pants, but why […]

What’s Eating Your Child: Exploring Case Studies that Reveal Hidden Connections Between Food & Childhood Ailments ~Plus~ #Giveaway (8/17)


One of my summer reads I’ve reviewed for my blog is a new book titled What’s Eating Your Child?, and it is an interesting book that looks at case studies revealing connections between food and childhood ailments. These case studies aren’t meant to be used to make a diagnosis per say, but in my opinion […]

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