Embracing My Inner Hippie: A Look at the Moraki AI2/Pocket Cloth Diaper ~Plus~ #Giveaway (6/9)

Five years ago I would have never thought I would be cloth diapering and if someone had brought it up prior to my discovery of “modern cloth” I would have pictured prefolds and pins. And maybe some tie dye somewhere in the picture. Well I have been cloth diapering for almost five years now and […]

Son, This is Not the Time to Start Using the Potty ~Plus~ Bummis New Style Training Pant #Giveaway (3/13)

The reality is that he is not quite ready at this point, but when he successfully went potty last week I think we all freaked out. With my due date just weeks away I got a little nervous about the possibility that he was ready to learn when I would have a newborn to adjust […]

The Softest, Stretchiest Diaper in My Cloth Diaper Stash ~Plus~ Little Comfort Bambee Diaper #Giveaway (2/19)

Shortly after I started cloth diapering in 2008 I stumbled on bamboo fabrics and was mesmerized by the properties of bamboo. I purchased my first handful of fitted bamboo diapers after a few weeks of cloth diapering and they were soft to the touch and had good absorbency, but after a while they had more […]

Pooters One Size Hybrid PUL Diaper Review & #Giveaway (1/12)

One of the new all-in-two diapers I brought on my trip to Japan this winter was the Pooters One-Size Hybrid PUL Diaper. From the makers of the absorbent and affordable bamboo and hemp Pooters One-Size Fitted Diapers, the new diaper offers a one size waterproof cover and natural fiber inserts with a stay-dry layer on […]

Ones & Twos All-in-One Cloth Diaper Review ~Plus~ #Giveaway (6/6)

Here is my little man’s new favorite spot: on a step stool playing kitchen. He has actually figured out that he can move the step stool where he wants to get into more trouble than he could before. He is a very curious, busy boy and as much fun as he is, he leaves a […]

New Babykicks Basic Pocket Diaper and the Updated Premium Pocket Diaper

  New products always bring a feeling of excitement, because it signifies how far cloth diapers have come and that they continue to get better and offer more options for families. Babykicks has just released two products, a new Basic Pocket Diaper and an updated product they have named their Premium Pocket Diaper. I received […]

Cheeky Cloth Diaper Review ~Plus~ AI2 or Fitted #Clothdiapers #Giveaway (4/23)

Spring is here, which is the beginning of “wear fitted diapers around the house without covers” season for us. What I used to do when my daughter was young was put a piece of felted wool I made from an old sweater under the soaker of her fitted diapers to add a little protection while […]

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