Swaddlebees AIO Pocket Diaper

Swaddlebees AIOs are known for their trim fit and side (rather than front) snapping style. I love to use this diaper for the convenience of an AIO and when putting my little one in certain pants or outfits where I don’t want as much bulk. These also have a pocket if you want to add […]

Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size Pocket Diaper Review

I first owned four of these pocket diapers in the OLD STYLE and absolutely LOVE them. They are trim, yet absorbent and have a large size range. The mediums go up to 30 lbs.! These were given to me by another mama and I know they will last through my baby and hopefully another kid […]

Haute Pockets One Size

The cute elephant logo is what originally caught my eye with these diapers. They claim to use a more breathable PUL where some evaporation may occur, but some moms argue that they just plain leak. I have never had a problem with leaking and even use them overnight (11-12 hours) with both inserts (and extra […]

Mommy’s Touch One Size EZ Clean Diaper

The EZ clean in the title is eye-catching, and means no un-stuffing. There are pocket openings on both sides so that the soaker comes out on its own during your washer’s agitation cycle. So one less step to care for your pocket diapers. I own the velcro version and love that the diaper folds over in […]

Thirsties All In One

I have tried both the old style and the new style of these all in ones (AIO). They use velcro closures and the only differences between V1 and V2 is that they removed the fleece from the leg gussets and made the soaker a little wider. I agree the changes in the V2 are better, […]

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