Can a Velcro Closure Cloth Diaper Really Have a Happily Ever After?

Tot Bots Easy Fit

With six years of cloth diapering under my belt I have tried many brands and styles of diapers. Although my favorite brands, styles and materials change with each child and season, one thing that has stayed relatively consistent is my aversion to Velcro closures. I have owned dozens in at least a dozen different brands […]

A Look at the Smart Snugs SimpleSnug Cloth Diaper ~Plus~ SimpleSnug Bundle #giveaway (12/17)

Smart Snugs Pocket Diaper

This orange and blue diaper is complemented perfectly by our funky Japanese shirt, don’t you think? I bought it five years ago while visiting my parents when big sister was an infant and it was only gently used so it still looks as good as new. I love when I have tops to coordinate with […]

Diaper Dawgs: The Product I Never Thought I Needed

Diaper Dawg Hands

Perhaps like many of you, the first person I thought of when I heard about this product was: my husband. In an interview I did with him this past summer for a guest post on the Charlie Banana blog, he stated that his least favorite part about cloth diapering was the un-stuffing. How better to […]

Bummis Simply Lite One Size Diaper Cover Review ~Plus~ #Giveaway (11/29)

Bummis Close Up

Finally, a one size diaper cover from Bummis! Perhaps it is the cheerful pistachio dot pattern that adds to its appeal, but it has performed well over our prefolds, which I have been using once or twice a week for an easy diaper laundry day. It comes equip with sturdy snaps, which we prefer at […]

Two Things That Make Me Smile ~Plus~ Rock-a-Bums Cloth Diaper #Giveaway (9/26)

Rock-a-Bum Piano

A sample was provided for this review, but no compensation was received. The views and opinions are my own. After a little break I started to teach a new piano student this month and as a result my kids are showing more interest in playing our piano more regularly. I have tried to make an […]

Embracing My Inner Hippie: A Look at the Moraki AI2/Pocket Cloth Diaper ~Plus~ #Giveaway (6/9)

Moraki 2

Five years ago I would have never thought I would be cloth diapering and if someone had brought it up prior to my discovery of “modern cloth” I would have pictured prefolds and pins. And maybe some tie dye somewhere in the picture. Well I have been cloth diapering for almost five years now and […]

Son, This is Not the Time to Start Using the Potty ~Plus~ Bummis New Style Training Pant #Giveaway (3/13)

Bummis New Style Trainer

The reality is that he is not quite ready at this point, but when he successfully went potty last week I think we all freaked out. With my due date just weeks away I got a little nervous about the possibility that he was ready to learn when I would have a newborn to adjust […]

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