Care & Washing


Below are a list of articles relating to the care and washing of your diapers and accessories. I may update these articles as I review new detergents, laundry products or general cloth diaper upkeep.




How to Clean Your Washing Machine: Weekly Maintenance

How to Clean Your Washing Machine: Monthly Maintenance

My CD Laundry Routine: Washing Diapers is like Washing Your Hair

Storing Your Diapers

Washing Your Diapers

Washing Your Diapers in Hard Water


Cleaning & Deodorizing:

bumGenius Diaper Sprayer

bumGenius Odor Remover

Crunchy Clean Sprinkles Deodorizing Powder

The Diaper Sprayer



Allen’s Natural Detergent

Charlie Soap Detergent and All-Purpose Cleaner

Crunchy Clean Diaper & Regular Laundry Detergent*

EcoStore USA Laundry Powder


Fuzzi Bunz Detergent (See Rockin’ Green, below)

Lulu’s Glamour Wash*

Maggie’s Soapnuts Natural Detergent

Mountain Green Baby Free & Clear

Rockin’ Green Detergent*

Sweet Cheeks Detergent

Thirsties Pre-wash and Super Wash

Tiny Bubbles Detergent


*Available in a Hard Water formula

Leaping Sheep Wool Dryer Balls

Line Drying

Wooly Snowballz Dryer Balls


Storage Reviews:

Fuzzi Bunz In and Out Mess Free Diaper Bag

Planetwise Wetbag, Hanging Diaper Pail and Pail Liner

Two Little Monkies Cloth Diaper Pod (for storing cloth diapers, wipes and wetbags)

Wahmies Pail Liner


Wool Care:

Wool 101

Wool Care

Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash

Sheepish Grins Lanolin Spray



Diaper Jungle Detergent Chart

rdia Diaper Detergent Search

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