Cloth Diaper Quiz: Addicted Abby/Aiden

Addicted AbbyYou are in over your head and what started out as a money saving switch has turned into your newest shopping addiction. As an Addicted Abby/Aiden you cannot get enough and find yourself purchasing each new style, pattern and brand that are advertised in your inbox. You may find yourself selling cloth diapers, baby carriers or your dog to fund your purchases and have a good dose of remorse after. Not quite a true addict? Perhaps you are an Enthusiastic Eve/Ed. Although you have a dresser full of cloth diapers, you still get excited about new products and make purchases from time to time, but never feel bad about it. It makes you giddy and happy!


width=125It is not uncommon for new cloth diaper users to have a phase of addiction, which matures into enthusiasm, like Maria at Her cloth diaper giveaway round up will help you feed your stash further while sparing your pocket book a little and her frequent reviews may help you determine what will be next on your purchase list. Maria provides cloth diaper resources and product reviews for products that her family puts to the test.

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