Our Favorite OXO Tots Toddler Feeding Products

I have had many OXO products in my kitchen over the years, and some of my favorites are my cookie dough scoop, cherry pitter, and a fish spatula. But did you know that they also made feeding products for toddlers? I received a variety of products to review from OXO via Stonyfield and I will be featuring our favorites today.

The divided plate and utensils have been my toddler’s favorite. It is the only plate that there are not multiples of, so she knows that it is hers and it makes her feel special! She also gets cross if big brother or sister try to use her new fork and spoon, most likely because they are novel and she is being territorial, but I would also like to think that it is because they are more ergonomic and comfortable to use that the others in ours kids’ utensil bin.

OXO Fork

I like the way the sections of the plate are divided so that it allows for more entrée space and has a small section in the middle that is perfect for sauces or a little treat. The removable ring is also nice as they get better at self-feeding, or for more experienced toddlers like mine that are still a little messy. They also have a non-divided plate, smaller divided feeding dishes and bowls available for different preferences and needs.

Moving on, my favorite OXO Tot product so far has been the freezer storage cubes, which are perfect for storing baby food, yogurt or other foods. The 2 oz. size we received would be ideal for infants, but have also been a suitable size for a size of yogurt or other snack in lunches for my kids. I did some research and found that they also make a 4oz. size which even works for my seven-year-old to take yogurt and applesauce as a side in her lunch. This larger size is also nice if you buy large jugs of applesauce to save money compared to the pre-portioned ones, because you can portion them into servings for lunch boxes.

OXO Freezer Storage with Yogurt

The set of six 2 oz. containers we received to review was reminiscent of our YoToddler and YoBaby six-packs that the kids love to snack on, so our first recipe idea for the containers was to make our own YoKids yogurt variations! We used homemade strawberry balsamic jam and freeze-dried rasberries that we crushed to make the “fruit on the bottom” and spooned the Stonyfield French Vanilla yogurt on top.

Although these storage cubes are marketed towards baby food making or portioning, they are much more versatile if you think outside the box as they can even be used after your kids are older for portioning homemade pizza sauce for example. The trays and their stackable design are nice, and although it means there are a lot of parts to wash and clean, the trays should only need a wipe down in most cases.

OXO Tot Freezer Storage Stack

For more information about OXO Tot products or Stonyfield yogurt for toddlers (and adults!) visit OXO Baby & Toddler products and Stonyfield online.


Products for review were provided by OXO and Stonyfield. I was not compensated for my opinions and my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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