Unicorn Baby Detergents for Your Cloth Diapering, Wool & Everyday Laundry Needs

As we have entered the new year I have continued my quest to de-clutter and to simplify. I feel like this has been my hope for many years, but I feel a renewed motivation to get it to the place I would like to be. To step it up a notch. I read Marie Kondo’s book that I am sure many people have heard about and although I tried similar concepts in the past, what I took away from it was that I need to change my relationship with stuff.

One of the many things I am de-cluttering are cloth diapers. It can be hard, because for one reason or another I get attached. We have been working on using the potty with my youngest so we only need a very small stash now, but I still have enough to cloth diaper multiple kids! We are working on potty consistency and it has been a bit of a struggle. Each kid is so different. We still need a stack of cloth diapers for overnight or occasional use, but I am going through the others and have been prepping many for sale.

Beyond CleanI had the wonderful opportunity to review some Unicorn Baby detergent products, and the Beyond Clean detergent is what we have been using for both my diapers to sell and for our potty training endeavors. It would also be suitable for stripping wool items, or cleaning particularly soiled clothing and baby items. It is fragrance free, biodegradable and has no residue buildup.

The Beyond Soft is perfect for keeping fitted diapers of similar items cloud soft as natural fabrics have a tendency to get stiffer. I also used this on my regular loads of laundry, because we all like soft clothing too. One thing I like about all the bottles is the cute spout on top. It looks like you would need to unscrew it at first glance, but you pop the ball up and it’s a squirt bottle style so it is easy to use.

Unicorn Baby Beyond Fiber WashOne other product that they carry that I was able to try was the Beyond Fibre Wash. It is formulated to be used with “your most cherished hand-knit keepsakes” so it is perfect for taking care of your wool cloth diapering items, but can also be used for other wool pieces or delicates (note: for striping lanolin use Beyond Clean. This is just for gently cleaning wool). Like the other two items, it smells amazing and the unicorn logo always makes me smile.

I have also been using the Beyond Fibre Wash for some of my new mommy clothes. My recent obsession has been LuLaRoe clothes. Have you heard of them? I was introduced for the first time a couple of months ago when a friend invited me to an online party and I am hooked! They recommend hand washing or using a gentle cycle then hanging them to dry, so I chose to use this Unicorn Baby detergent for the job. They smell clean, fresh and I feel good knowing that they are being gently cleaned.

Unicorn Baby is offering free shipping for a limited time, and also provides free samples for customers to try. Visit the Unicorn Baby website for additional information about their products or to find a retailer near you.

Unicorn Baby Detergent Trio
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Products were provided by Unicorn Baby for this review. Compensation was received for my time, but the views and opinions are my own.

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