March Madness with Some Yogurt On Top #StonyfieldBlogger #OhMyYog

Stonyfield BloggerThis month has completely disappeared and has lived up to the name March Madness! It has been hectic between my husband being away for 5 weeks, back-to-back germs cycling through the house early in the month, a new-to-me embroidery machine to play with, working on Emi & Ko shop orders, a second birthday celebration for my youngest, plus the usual everyday shuttling kids to school, chores, cleaning, cooking, chasing around a busy toddler, volunteering and other obligations. Life! 

I know that I am late to come on board the popularity of chia seeds, but we just started incorporating them the past couple of months. I love that my kids think they are fun and we call them “sprinkles”. They remind me of sesame seeds commonly used in our meals growing up in Japan, but without the strong flavor. Chia seeds have a little crunch, minimal flavor so they fit with both sweet and savory dishes, and the kids like the tactile feeling of rubbing it between their fingers to sprinkle it on top of their food.

Chia Yog

When I had the opportunity earlier this month to try some of Stonyfield’s new yogurt products I was eager to try their new Greek with chia blends, but could not resist trying the sweeter Oh My Yog! tri-layered yogurt so I requested to try a little of each. When the packaged conveniently arrived shortly before lunch, I opened two of the three cups of Stonyfiled Greek with Chia to share with my two little ones; then I found my toddler had taken the third cup, gotten herself a spoon, set herself down in the dining room and was going to town with the Red Berries flavor (I had intended to save for big sister for when she got home later that afternoon!). It was the same yummy Greek yogurt and pureed fruit that we already knew and loved, with the added nutrients of the chia seeds. Stonyfield ChiaOn the other hand, the Oh My Yog! tasted like a little dessert in a cup! I should have waited to open it until naptime, because little sister sensed that I was eating something new or exciting and ended up in the kitchen with me, stealing my sweet indulgence! Both the Apple Cinnamon and Wild Blueberry were phenomenal and although I do not have a retailer near me that carries this quite yet I submitted a request form online and am keeping my fingers crossed that a nearby store will carry it soon. To see their entire line of products and to find a retailer near you, visit Stonyfield Yogurt online. Stonyfield Oh My Yog!
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