Norwex: A Kind of Microfiber I Can Get Used To

This article is not sponsored by Norwex and the views and opinions are my own. All of the products mentioned in the article were given to me by a friend or purchased myself. Links to an online catalog party are included in the text, which may help me earn products to review.
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I do not know what it is, but keeping up with the house has been a particularly uphill battle for the past year since my third child has been on the go. The laundry loads never seem to slow down, and it is discouraging when the cleaning and picking up gets undone almost immediately. And baby sister seems to be a lot more active, curious and destructive than my other two were, so she keeps me on my toes.

I love to clean and organize— seeing things in neat piles or tucked away in their designated bins, and a tidy floor and shiny counter help me feel relaxed. What I do not like and often struggle with is having to re-clean and re-organize multiple times a day. My sister called me out on my large loads of cleaning rags I was washing multiple times a week when she was visiting this fall, and I realized that although I ditched paper towels years ago I was using more of my time and resources to wash them than I probably should.

It took me a little while to be comfortable making the switch from paper towels a few years ago, because I honestly was grossed out by the thought of rinsing and reusing a dishcloth in case there were still germs hiding inside. So was there a greener option out there that fit my cleaning needs and personal preferences? Well my friend Anne found me one! Anne is an old college friend who is now a busy pharmacist and mother of two, and she convinced me that I had to try Norwex products.

Norwex Corner StackBeing the darling gal that she is, she mailed me a few products to try probably knowing it was guaranteed I would fall in love. I started to use the EnviroCloth to wipe down the kitchen counters and it worked particularly well on the booster seat at the breakfast bar, but it was still sort of a mystery to me how the silver and microfiber cleaned with just water. It brought me enough peace of mind that I used it regularly for daily wipe downs, but never ventured to use it for raw meat or bathroom clean up.

For those of you who were oblivious like I was, Norwex microfiber is a premium microfiber that has a kind of silver woven into the strands that inhibit bacteria and odor. The microfiber is a blend of polyester and polymide and are woven from strands 1/200th the size of a single strand of human hair. I have seen this compared to thread counts in sheets and there really is a noticeable difference in the amount of pressure I have to put down while wiping and the number of strokes it takes to clean. It does not disinfect the surface like chemicals, but the quality of the microfiber and the characteristics of the weave trap everything and remove it from the surface.

After a few months of using it, I finally dug a little deeper and started asking more questions. Anne had lots of great information, and also pointed me towards websites and YouTube videos (like this raw chicken demonstration video here) that helped me to gain a better grasp on the products. Fast forward another few months and I have made two big orders, and have color coded cloths for different cleaning jobs after I learned that one cloth is not enough, as they need to occasionally “reset” for 24 hours. Since I started alternating days that I use the different cloths it has made a big difference in maintaining odor and keeping the cloths in tip top shape, because this gives the silver agent a chance to do its job.

Norwex StackWhere should you start?

* If you are not completely sure if Norwex products are for you, I would recommend starting with their Window Cloth. This contains the same BacLock fibers (polyester/polymide blend) as the EnviroCloth and many of the popular Norwex products, but is woven into a smooth, non-streak weave. I love to clean the mirrors and windows with this and it is so much easier and more effective than my old window spray-and-wipe routine. Rinse it thoroughly and leave it to dry until you need to use it again.

Since you are only using water with this and most of their products, even young kids can help out! They even have a darling smaller scale Kids Window Cloth available for smaller hands as well as a range of products for your biggest little helpers. The Travel Pack EnviroCloths also make great kid’s cloths and are even smaller in size and the price is reasonable—these are the ones my toddler uses the most when she wants to help.

* If you want to replace your paper towels or cleaning rags I recommend getting a minimum of two EnviroCloths. This way you can alternate days and rinse them between uses and you should only need to toss them in the wash once a week or less, depending. Or you can get their Rainbow package so that you can color code the cloths to use in different places around the house, while saving a few dollar by getting a set. I personally use the green in the kitchen, blue for the bathrooms, yellow for toilets, and pink for everything else.

*If you know you want to toss out your old cleaners and towels and replace them all with Norwex now, or over time, the collections and monthly customer specials are your best bet. They have dozens of collections to choose from to get you started and the monthly specials are a good things to keep your eye on for additional savings on top of the normal retail or collection price. For example this month the Clean & Polish set is on special, which includes a Window Cloth and Envirocloth at $5 below retail and $2 below the normal set cost.

I am thrilled to be hosting a Norwex online catalog party through my old friend Anne after falling in love with a few of their products over the last few months. It is the ultimate green cleaning, where you can use water for the majority of your house cleaning tasks and they have as assortment of other safe cleaners and tools. I have noticed a big difference in the ability these cloths have to clean compared to other microfiber and cotton cloths I own, and I like the peace of mind that I can rinse and reuse them multiple times without odors or bacteria hiding.

To shop online click on the link below:

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  1. Hi. I just quickly read this post and was wondering if/how you launder these cloths. I was thinking a window one might be perfect to keep in the car for the front windshield. Thanks Emi!

    • Great question! You wash them with a detergent free of dyes and other junk…just like cloth diapers! It is recommended that you do not wash them with any other laundry that has lint (although I will confess I had done this a time or two), but I just wash all my microfiber together at the end of the week and sometimes pop them in the dryer or other times just let them hang dry. The Window Cloth is a perfect start and I have used it in my car to wipe all the sticky hand prints my kids love to leave behind. :)

  2. Thanks. I noticed your friend lives in a neighboring Idaho city. I like these small world connections.

    • Trisha, where do you live? If you are close by, I’d be happy to show you any of the items in person. With things like this, sometimes seeing it and touching it makes it more believable.

    • It is such a small world! Between moving a lot growing up, college and military life I know people scattered all over the globe. Anne and I went to college on the other side of the country in upstate NY. :)

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