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Pregnancy Sunburst

There is something about pregnancy that is so beautiful, hopeful and exciting. After three pregnancies I thought the magic would die down a little, but each time it was humbling and amazing to think about the life growing inside of me and I was full of anticipation to meet them. On the other hand, some of the not-so-fun things that can come along with it are the nausea, vomiting, back pain, discomfort, food craving or aversions, swelling, and cavities.

This is the third and final article for the MetLife TRICARE Dental Program series and I started my first article talking about taking kids to their first dental appointment, followed by what I look for when choosing a dentist for our family. If you had not figure it out yet, today I am going to discuss teeth and pregnancy. Most of you have probably heard the old wives tale about “losing a tooth” for each pregnancy, or that “babies suck the nutrients” out of your teeth. Although some of this is obviously not scientifically sound, I will say that I have personally seen changes in my dental heath during each of my pregnancies so I feel like there must be some truth to it.

Perhaps it is all of the acid from the nausea or vomiting, the additional late night and around the clock snacking when nauseous or when you are trying to keep cravings at bay; or maybe there are more changes in the body during pregnancy that affect our teeth that need to be further explored. I had cavities after each of my pregnancies, in between my teeth, so I got the lecture about flossing and wrote it off as a result of pregnancy.  The thing is that I have never been a flosser, but still had perfect teeth almost my whole life. No braces, only one cavity in college (clearly another phase of my life with lifestyle changes), and I cannot help but wonder if there is more truth to the old wives tales than you think.

Pregnancy Belly HeartOf course my dentists have always stated that there is no correlation between pregnancy and cavities or oral health, but after my third pregnancy I am not completely convinced. My lack of flossing alone cannot be the sole cause of all of these cavities between my teeth if they only show up when I am pregnant! I will not go into the details, but after my third pregnancy I was devastated to find out that I had gotten cavities once again. And a lot of them. I cried, told the dentist that I ate whole foods, we did not drink soda, rarely any juices and I did not drink coffee or energy drinks (the common culprits they said to avoid after seeing the cavities in your x-rays).

The silver lining of my last cavity experience was that the dentist discovered them at my appointment in the beginning of April. I had not known this, but the insurance cycle starts May 1st and since I had not used any of the benefits outside my bi-annual check-ups I could get some of the work done that month, then save some money in co-pays by finishing the rest of the work in May. There was a lot of work to be done and it would have exceeded the $1300 maximum for the year to do it all in April (I told you I had an embarrassing amount of work to be done). Although it was an unexpected expense for our family, I was thankful that it happened when it did so that we could best take advantage of our benefits. Click the following link to see the TDP Highlights & Monthly Premiums as there are some updates for 2015.

Did you have cavities or other dental problems during pregnancy?

More about MetLife TRICARE Dental Program

MetLife TRICARE Dental Program is for Active Duty Family Members, National Guard and Reserve members and their families. To enroll make sure that all family members to be included in the program are registered with DEERS and enroll online, over the phone or via mail. Single and Family Plans are available, and additional information about the coverage and co-pays may be found here. For additional information about this insurance, eligibility and coverage visit MetLife TRICARE Dental Program online.

In addition the MetLife TRICARE Dental Program has a Facebook page and Newsletter that are committed to educating its members about dental health and important dental care practices.

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