When Do You Take Your Kids to their First Dental Appointment? #MetLifeTDP #MC #Sponsored

Dentist PeteI participated in an Ambassador program on behalf of Influence Central for the MetLife TRICARE Dental Program. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

I do not write very often about military family life, or related topics, but one opportunity I have this winter is the share about our MetLife TRICARE Dental Program. Since we have already been part of this program for quite some time I feel like I can honestly talk about our experiences and I will not feel like a commercial since it is a choice we made regardless of this campaign. I have talked about teething and teething remedies in the past, but have not shared my family’s dental experiences and opinions.

As some of you may know November was Military Family Appreciation Month, and bouncing off of this one thing I appreciate is our affordable health and dental coverage. Unlike Active Duty members, my children and I see off-post providers and MetLife TRICARE Dental Program allows us to choose our provider and have this necessary coverage. I have gone from one cavity my whole life to double digits after becoming a mother, so this coverage has been very important to us (more on that another time).

First Dental AppointmentToday I wanted to talk a little about first dentist appointments as my three-year-old son just attended his first appointment this fall. He had his appointment while I simultaneously had mine in a room down the hall, so unfortunately I did not get a picture of him, but after it was all said and done he had the same proud grin as the week before on his first day of preschool (pictured, left). Dependents in the MetLife TRICARE Dental Family Plan are automatically added after they turn four-years-old, but you can start appointments earlier as we did.

All of the parenting books and guidelines I have read typically recommend a visit to the dentist after your little one’s first teeth emerge and I have never done this. Even as a first time mom. This would have meant my oldest would have needed to go to the dentist at 4 months, my son at 9 months and my youngest around 6 months—which seems awfully young in my personal opinion if they are healthy and there are no concerns. I asked a couple of our dentists over the years if I should be bringing my infants and they did not seem to think that it was necessary that young, but I do realize they were not pediatric dentists.

My two older kids have been around 3-years-old when we do their first “dry run”, which typically entails of a short oral exam and no x-rays. It is really more for the purpose of acclimating them to the office, equipment and some of the less invasive procedures so that it is not as scary and to see if there are any red flags that a professional eye may see before they become a larger problem. We talk about the visit a lot ahead of time to prepare them and we also read our favorite Little Critter book about his visit to the dentist multiple times in the weeks prior to the “big day”.

How old were your kids when they went to their first dental appointment? How did you prepare?

More about MetLife TRICARE Dental Program

MetLife TRICARE Dental Program is for Active Duty Family Members, National Guard and Reserve members and their families. To enroll make sure that all family members to be included in the program are registered with DEERS and enroll online, over the phone or via mail. Single and Family Plans are available, and additional information about the coverage and co-pays may be found here. For additional information about this insurance, eligibility and coverage visit MetLife TRICARE Dental Program online.

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