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“I participated in an Ambassador program on behalf of Influence Central for the MetLife TRICARE Dental Program. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

metlife-tricare-logoMilitary life has its ups and down and one thing that I have not loved is not being able to choose a doctor, and even though we are technically assigned to a specific practitioner, we may or may not see them at our appointment for one reason or another. It seemed strange to suddenly have a choice when it came to our dental care, since I have never had to think about making that sort of choice in the past. When our TRICARE dental coverage changed to Metlife a couple of years ago and we moved to a well-populated area, I suddenly felt overwhelmed as to which dentist to choose.

I wanted someone with a good reputation, quality care, and a family friendly practice that had a lot of pediatric experience. I had thought about having a different dentist for me and finding a pediatric dentist for the kids, but it is really easier just to all be seem at the same office. Well it just so happened that a woman I got to know at church had a father and brother who were in a multi-practice office with two other dentists not too far from home, and I started to take it into account after hearing rave reviews from other families.

When I found out that they offered FREE CHILDCARE by a licensed childcare worker during appointments, it sealed the deal. This is only available one day a week, but this takes a huge burden off trying to find someone to watch my kids during my appointments or trying to wrangle all of the kids while we wait for one or another to finish their check-up. They have Pandora stations you can listen to while you get your work done and the icing on the cake is that I occasionally get a paraffin wax on my hands during my visit. So kid free (for me). Music. Paraffin wax. We love our dentist!

Our dentist mails us the no cavity club pictures they take after they have been displayed for the month so the kids can tape them to their bathroom mirror to remind them to keep up the good work!

Our dentist mails us the no cavity club pictures they take after they have been displayed for the month so the kids can tape them to their bathroom mirror to remind them to keep up the good work!

What do you look for in a dentist? With MetLife TRICARE Dental Insurance I felt that we had a lot of options, particularly since we live in an area where the military population is spread over many cities and the coverage has been affordable. You can see the specific MetLife TRICARE Premiums information to see the specific numbers, but we do not have copays for our biannual check-ups and the copays for fillings and sealants have been reasonable in my opinion.

This month was the National Guard’s 378th birthday, so it is important to remember that MetLife TRICARE Dental Insurance is for National Guard in addition to Active Duty military families. And note that although the MetLife TRICARE Dental Program is part of the TRICARE Health Plan for military families, you have to enroll to obtain dental coverage for your family.

More about MetLife TRICARE Dental Program

MetLife TRICARE Dental Program is for Active Duty Family Members, National Guard and Reserve members and their families. To enroll make sure that all family members to be included in the program are registered with DEERS and enroll online, over the phone or via mail. Single and Family Plans are available, and additional information about the coverage and co-pays may be found here. For additional information about this insurance, eligibility and coverage visit MetLife TRICARE Dental Program online.

In addition the MetLife TRICARE Dental Program has a Facebook page and Newsletter that are committed to educating its members about dental health and important dental care practices.

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