FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers Have a Total Design Makeover, Website Relaunch & Re-Opening Day Specials!

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Fuzzi Bunz were one of the early brands that I tried during my first few months of cloth diapering in 2008 and they have always been in my regular rotation. I remember the first hand-me-down early generation size medium pocket diapers we inherited, the excitement I felt when they released their first adjustable one size diaper, and the handful of versions that were released in the years following. I will never claim to have a favorite brand or style because my favorites change with each age, stage and child, but my Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Fit diapers have always been a favorite and the second or third generation one size diapers we have are also used often.

The first set of Fuzzi Bunz pocket diapers that we had are long gone (does anyone else remember when the wings were pointed by the snaps?), as well as the first generation one size that we sold to fund newer versions, but they are diapers that have fit my children well and performed reliably over the years. When I learned about their redesign I could not help but wonder what changes or updates they would make, and if the products would make improvements without changing the many things that I already loved.


FuzziBunz OneSize DiagramI like that they merged the one size and perfect sized versions together, for the best of both worlds, and the two size system is smart. Rather than being a one size that may be bulkier during the newborn months or tight in the toddler years, they essentially created two adjustable birth to potty training diapers geared towards different body types. The contoured inserts help add additional absorption power without adding too much bulk and the rounded end of the wings have moved far away from the pointed early version and the angled newer generations, so it looks fresh and modern.

FB QuadBoth the small and the large one size versions fit my 30 lb. 16-month-old, although she is on one of the largest settings for the small so will outgrow that soon. My kids tend to be chunky and tall babies so if I were to choose one size to work for us it would be the large (wider crotch, slightly taller and wider). We have only reviewed these two diapers for daytime use so far, but it has had plenty of absorption power and we will be testing it overnight by combining both of the inserts into the One Size Large diaper.

My first super secret sneak peek for all of you was when I included the One Size Small diaper in my Fluffin’ Awesome Baby Shower lemonade dispenser display, but it was subtle enough to go unnoticed. Can you can spot it now?

Lemonade Find Fuzzi Bunz

The new Fuzzi Bunz website be live today, August 15, 2014 and they will have special introductory pricing as well as some surprise freebies with minimum orders placed TODAY.


Products were provided to facilitate this article, but no compensation was received and the views and opinions are my own.

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  1. Thanks for the info! Your link to the new website doesn’t seem to be working, but your first Fuzzibunz link does

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