Soaking in Sunshine with the Bummis Duo Brite All-In-Two Cloth Diaper ~Plus~ #Giveaway

Bummis AI2 Elephant Close UpThe elephant print was definitely love-at-first-sight with the Bummis Duo-Brite AI2 Deluxe cloth diaper. It arrived during our short, but lovely summer season here in Western Washington so little sister frolicked outdoors showing it off often. The inserts are generously sized and contoured, and there is a snap in the front to minimize shifting. The inserts were absorbent and had less “spill-over” than some other all-in-two diapers we have used, because of the wide, contoured design. I also appreciated that this diaper came with three inserts— I will say I have reviewed all-in-two diapers where I was provided one insert and it’s really hard to tell how a diaper works as the system it was intended to be with a single insert.

Bummis Duo Deluxe Cloth DiaperOne thing that confused me when I first started using the inserts was the two different fabric choices. I knew according to the packaging and product description that there was an organic side and a stay-dry polyester side, but (don’t laugh at me) I thought that the polyester stay-dry sides had been accidentally sewn together and the organic sides were both facing out. At a glance the off-white color of both the organic and stay-dry fabrics look very similar next to the bright white polyester fabric sandwiched in the middle.

Upon closer inspection you can see that the two fabrics are similarly colored, but different. The stay-dry side is silkier and the organic cotton side is soft to the touch. I was pleased to find out that the fabric choice for the inside of the inserts were chosen to reduce drying time so it is clear that this product was well thought out and well executed in my opinion. I was just thrown off when I thought that this white polyester fabric was supposed to be the stay-dry side of the insert!

Bummis AI2 Elephant WalkingThe cover features the Bummis signature snaps that are bulletproof and more secure than the typical snaps found on many brands. This cover can also be used with prefolds, flats or moderately fluffy fitted diapers, so you are not restricted to using it as an all-in-two system. Overall, this ended up being an AI2 system that worked better for us as we experienced little shifting and spill over, which meant we could reuse the cover multiple times without a problem. Obviously two or more covers and a stack of inserts would be ideal to make this system work to your financial and logistical advantage and I think that it is a system with which many families will be pleased.

As for a price point, they are not the cheapest AI2 system, but keep in mind that you are paying for two-sided inserts that include organic fabrics. As an adjustable two size system you are purchasing a maximum of two sets, but there is a good chance that your little one will be able to start with a size two if you are past the young infant months. When purchasing Bummis products you are supporting a product that is made and sourced in the U.S.A. and Canada, which comes with a slightly higher price tag, but you can save a a few of dollars by buying a Duo-Brite AI2 Deluxe Pack (one cover and three inserts). 

To learn more about this product, retailers and the entire Bummis line of products visit Bummis online.

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Samples were provided for this review, but no compensation was received. The views and opinions are my own.

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  1. Melissa E says:

    I love that green pattern best, though the yellow is also wonderful!

  2. I love the Elephant Tales print!

  3. JENN MCCLEARN says:

    I like elephant tales print

  4. I like the pink one! Thanks!

  5. I tried to Pin this giveaway on pinterest and it didnt work so I pinned something else from your pinterest :)


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