Seven Cloth Diaper and Baby Essentials Gift Bundle Ideas #FluffinAwesome

The decorations, food and games are great fun, but the most exciting part for me is to watch the expectant mom open gifts! I love to come up with original ideas to the pregnant mother’s needs or wishlist items, but registries are still helpful. They allow guests to buy something that they can be sure the family wants or needs, or it can be used as a springboard of inspiration for their personal preferences. Registries are particularly useful when starting from scratch, but can still be useful for guests to know what other styles and brands you need. They also communicate what other baby items you may still be in need of or that you may not splurge on otherwise.

Below are some cloth diaper, baby and mommy gift ideas I have put together from brands and products that I love. These gifts can be given as bundles or separately; by one guest or multiple guests depending on your budget.

Cloth Diaper Starter Set

Pictured: Changing Diapers book, Moraki One Size Pocket Cloth Diaper, Tot Bots One Size AIO Cloth Diaper and Bummis Duo AI2 Cloth Diaper

Cloth Diaper Starter Set

When starting to cloth diaper all of the different styles, brands and options can be overwhelming, even confusing at times. The cloth diaper starter set above includes the Changing Diapers book, which is a resource to outline everything a family needs to know to get started, and three styles of cloth diapers. A Moraki pocket diaper, Tot Bots all-in-one and Bummis Duo all-in-two style represent three different brands so that they can test out the pros and cons of each style so they can add to their cloth diaper stash according to what works best. My Cloth Diaper Essentials checklist is also a nice little print out you can include to help guide them through the initial cloth diaper stash purchases.

This would be a great gift to give to a close friend or family member on your own, but cloth diapers are an investment so even a small starter bundle will be more than some people’s budgets may allow. In this case one diaper and an accessory tied up in a bow is still a darling and useful gift, or better yet team up with a friend or two! I know that giving one diaper and an accessory may not feel like giving a gift bag full of outfits, but believe me they will get used a lot more and a lot longer. I recently had the opportunity to help put together a complete starter stash for a mother wanting to try cloth diapers on her fourth baby, and it was a lot of fun to put everything into one large laundry basket, which had a nice “wow” factor after around ten guests contributed.  

Mason Jar TrioMason Jar Madness

There is something about a mason jars and they can have so many identities. With some decorative fabric on the lid and a tag it screams “crafty”; they can be seen as frugal and practical when used for their original purpose of canning and I have found myself using them for wet and dry food storage. Needless to say I have accumulated many different sizes over the past few years and they make a great vessel for a gift (even without the embellishment).

A large half gallon jar is perfect for storing detergent, so go ahead and fill it up with your favorite powder such as Allen’s Natural, Molly’s Suds or even a homemade powder. You could also fill it with some lovely wool dryer balls for a more dramatic presentation that doubles as functional storage in the laundry room.  This size is also large enough to hold a Cloth Diaper Emergency Kit, which is a kit parents can store in the car or other locations when they forget a diaper or change of clothes. The kit could include a onesie, prefold, one size cover and two wipes, or enough for one diaper change and a clothing change. This kit could also be gifted in a small wetbag. 

The quart size is perfect for flushable liners, to store Eco Nuts soapnuts laundry soap or even to store the Teething Rescue Kit mentioned below. As the sizes get smaller actual cloth diapers will not fit, but the pint size is perfect for gifting cloth wipes or small accessories like diaper fasteners. The half pint or 4oz. sizes are just the right size for gifting a homemade diaper balm or for storing diaper pins.

Find more fun ideas for how to present cloth diaper gifts in my Cloth Diaper Cafe: Bakery Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas article from earlier this week!

Fluffy Cloth Diaper Fashion

Pictured: HALO Sleepsack, Project Pomona Pants, BabyLegs, and Robeez Soft Soled Shoes

Fluffy Fashion Finds

When you are cloth diapering your first child you may notice that bottoms fit snugger or certain styles just do not seem to work well. Project Pomona Pants are a product that I finally used for baby sister, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I figured I had cloth diapered two children already without special “cloth diaper pants” so I did not know if it was something I would consider an essential item, but we love these. After winning a pair in a blog event that I reviewed, we bought this second pair (pictured, above). 

The HALO sleepsack is not cloth diaper specific but is a staple item for us in both fleece and cotton, and leaves plenty of room for fluffy bottoms. BabyLegs are also frequently used in our home in lieu of pants around the house, under pants in the winter and make diaper changes a breeze. You may also want to consider onesie extenders to help make room for fluffier bottoms. Last, but not least, we love soft soled leather shoes during the first year, so I tossed these in as I think they make a great gift.

Blissful Bath Shower Gift

Pictured: NoseFrida, Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm, Tokyo Baby Shampoo, BabyKicks Washcloths

Bestow from Head to Toe

Keeping baby clean and happy from head to toe is no easy task. Between the diaper changes, spit up, drool and other messes as they get older, parents need some key essentials to make the job more manageable. These are some of our favorite baby bath items for keeping noses clear, bottoms happy and skin clean (our NoseFrida is not in a box, this one is in my shower gift reserve)! Our Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm is such a staple at our home that we have an empty container in the doll bin for pretend play and have used it for all three kids. We refer to it as “Angel Baby”. 

The Tokyo Baby Shampoo smells sensational, is gentle and makes me think of home. We have to keep this out of baby sister’s reach, because she is kind of obsessed with it and asks for more a dozen times each bath. And everyone needs some good washcloths. We have had a handful of these organic BabyKicks Wipes that we use as washcloths for years now and they are still going strong. 

Nursing Needs Shower Gift

Pictured: Bamboobies Nursing Pads, Zen Rocks silicone nursing necklace, Anita Nursing Bra and Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter

Nursing Needs

Now we cannot forget mom. If you know that she plans to nurse, these are some of my favorite nursing essentials. Bamboobies nursing pads fit beautifully with their heart shape and just make you feel a little cuter when you are engorged or leaking: both which are not so cute when they are happening. And speaking of pretty the Anita nursing bra was my favorite this time around, because of the darling polkadots, but it fit me well and was very comfortable. I recommend having a nursing necklace, because they are great to give baby something to hold on to, use as a teether or to serve as a baby friendly accessory. This one by Zen Rocks is a lovely lotus flower, which is a reminder to me to take a deep breath, and fits my style personality well. Finally, a good nipple cream is essential or staying comfortable in the early months and Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter was one of the products I used most with my second and third babies.

First Foods Shower Gift

Pictured: Organic Baby Puree Cookbook, Two 4oz. Mason Jars, a Wooden Toddler Spoon and Bummis Best Ever Bib

First Foods

Now it will be a little while before baby tries her first foods, but if you want to give a gift that no one else may have thought of, this is a good one. A durable bib is essential for keeping messes under control and these little glass jars I found are the perfect size for storing and serving baby food. Mama can read up on some recipes in the cookbook and mark some favorites and even make a big batch of some veggies to freeze. These jars were sold at the store in sets of four, so a box or two would be a perfect compliment to the cookbook. I adore this wooden toddler spoon I got for my oldest years ago so you can definitely splurge of something darling that will last for multiple children or a package of infant spoons would also work.

Teething Rescue Shower Gift

Pictured: Baltic Amber Necklace, Lavender Essential Oil, Teething Tablets, Zen Rocks Silicone Teether

Teething Rescue

Although my son starting teething at a more “typical” age, both of my gifts started teething at around three months. I did not have all of the resources I have now for my oldest, but these have become some of my essential teething items (other than snuggles, nursing and cool washcloths). Baltic amber neckalces like those from Healing Hazel are 100% Baltic Amber and seem to take the edge off the pain. My youngest has been wearing hers almost daily since she was three months old and hands it to me to put back on her if we have taken it off for bathtime. 

Teething tablets also seem to calm, and we use those when they are the most uncomfortable along with diluted lavender essential oil on the feet. Teethers of different shapes, textures and sizes are also important to ahove on hand and I received this fun Zen Rocks silicone teether to sample and all of my kids love it. Baby sister is working on her canine teeth right now, but my oldest just lost tooth #5, 6 and 7 over the past ten days and I have caught her gnawing on it as her gums have been a little sore.

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