How to Make The Perfect Cloth Wipe for Cloth Diapers (Free PDF Template)


The perfect cloth wipe. At the end of the day a wipe is just a wipe, but the right size, material and thickness can make a notable difference particularly for the messy jobs. In my six years of cloth diapering I have used wipes of all shapes and sizes, but my very favorite wipes are probably the ones I made from old receiving blankets years ago. After using a dozen different kinds of cloth wipes, I gradually figured out what materials, sizes and thicknesses I reached for the most and this is how my template was born.

The ideal cloth wipe in my opinion is between 7 and 8 inches, two layers thick and flannel for its softness and ability to clean effectively. Two layers of flannel make it just thick enough for added absorption, while also providing some structure to the wipe so that it is easier to keep your hands covered and clear from messes. I prefer to use the same fabric for both layers, because every wipe I have ever owned that used two different fabrics have shrunk, shifted or puckered.

Now there are a lot of great wipes out there, but this is an affordable and relatively quick project for families to tackle. Whether you want to make the switch with minimal investment, or just want to beef up your cloth wipe stash, it just takes an hour of your time to make a tall stack! The template is for a 7” by 8”I highly recommend a rotary cutter to save time, but it is not necessary. And you do not need a fancy sewing machine; just make sure to adjust the width and length of your zig zag stitch to your liking.The Perfect Cloth Wipe PREVIEWClick the following link to download a free The Perfect Cloth Wipe template from Dropbox. You do not need a Dropbox account to access this PDF, but if you would like to open an account you can use my affiliate link to support my blog so that I can have plenty of storage for other blog freebies.

Handmade wipes not your thing? Thirsties Fab Cloth Wipes are one of my favorites and are still is great shape after years of use, and I have my eye on the Geffen Baby wipes assuming they are as soft as their cushy prefolds and although they have “fabric shift” the prints of the Kissaluv Premium Print Organic Cotton Wipes are soft and work well. Want a little more luxury? Grab a stack of SustainableBabyish Happy Little Cloud wipes. They are soft, absorbent organic bamboo/cotton terry!


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  1. I have been using disposable wipes with my cloth diapers and it’s about time I stopped! I have a stack of old receiving blankets which are in need of a new purpose :). Thanks for posting – I’m going to make these tonight!

    • Receiving blankets are perfect for these! I have some I made from hand-me-down receiving blankets that we have been using for years now and they are still going strong. They two layers makes them pretty durable. :)


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