Can a Velcro Closure Cloth Diaper Really Have a Happily Ever After?

With six years of cloth diapering under my belt I have tried many brands and styles of diapers. Although my favorite brands, styles and materials change with each child and season, one thing that has stayed relatively consistent is my aversion to Velcro closures. I have owned dozens in at least a dozen different brands and it has never been love. The Velcro gets pilled and loses its grip, they come out of the dryer joined together like a barrel of monkeys and my kids learn to unfasten them under their clothes around the age of one. I typically recommend that families have a handful of Velcro on hand for other care givers even if they decide they prefer snaps, but I rarely if ever use mine.

Tots Bots Six Pence Cloth DiaperThat is until this spring. It seems very appropriate that my TotsBots Easyfit cloth diaper arrived in the adorable new Six Pence print, because it felt like a fairytale that I was actually willfully using a Velcro closure cloth diaper. I have been eying their adorable fairytale prints for quite sometime and was thrilled to have one in hand and also excited at some of the updates they have made since the original release which I also own. We loved how easy to use the Eastyfit diaper was with its all-in-one design, but my children quickly outgrew its absorption capacity and the new “Binky” fabric and snap in booster of their latest version have made it a diaper our family can truly use through potty training.

The Velcro on the Easyfit cloth diaper is strong and although a little thicker and stiffer than Velcro found on other diapers, it seems to grip buy zovirax cream online well and stay folded back during the wash better than Velcro I have used in the past. Granted I do not have an entire load of these diapers to put them to the “barrel of monkeys” Velcro test, but I have not had any issues to note.

Tot Bots Easy FitThe snap-in booster also allows for the diaper to have less bulk on the lowest setting for newborns when the booster is removed. The drying time should be similar to the previous version without the booster, but the overall improvements make the added drying time with the booster a non-issue for our family. So the all-in-one design is lovely for the ease of washing and drying. Since we toss them in the dryer the majority of the time we do not notice an increased drying time since there are multiple brands and styles in the same load and the few extra minutes we save from needing to stuff diapers is priceless on a busy day.

What is “Binky” fabric?
Binky is the new fabric TotsBots is using on the new one size Easyfit cloth diaper. One side of the insert is a bamboo and cotton terry blend for rapid absorption and the synthetic minky fabric on the reverse side has a good retention capacity. Bamboo + minky = binky!

The new EasyFit version 4 cloth diaper is coming to your favorite Tots Bots retailer soon or support my blog by shopping at Kelly’s Closet Cloth Diaper Store and getting on their wait list.

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  1. erika summers says:

    I really want to try one of these! Chelory is the only hook and loop I like so far, all others have been destashed!


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