Putting Together a Cloth Diaper Gift Basket for a New Cloth Diapering Mom

I was thrilled to volunteer myself to put a cloth diaper starter stash together for a baby shower last month since it is not every day that I get to buy that many cloth diapers anymore! The expectant mother had three children who were six and under so she was looking to save some money and I could not resist the opportunity to shop for cloth diapers and to educate another mother about the curious world of cloth. Of course I am biased, but what better gift can friends give to a mother who already has what she needs for a new baby’s basic needs? It will save her hundreds of dollars!

There are so many brands, styles and routes I could have taken, but my goal was to get her a functioning stash within our budget that she can add to depending on what styles she finds the most useful for her preferences and baby’s body type or wetting patterns. I did not want to get her a dozen of a single brand, because it would be a gamble if that would be a good fit for her family. I decided to get an assortment of new and used diapers including a dozen newborn prefolds, a dozen infant prefolds, two one size covers, a dozen one size pocket diapers, doublers, detergent, a pail liner and homemade bottom balm. I also tossed in some miscellaneous items that we were not using often to beef things up and sewed a stack of handmade cloth wipes to finish off the basket.

CD Gift BasketI bought a colorful teal laundry basket she can use for her clean diaper laundry, wrapped it in tulle and included my Cloth Diaper Essentials and Supplements check list for her to keep on hand as she added to her stash. I am a dork and was excited to be able to check off all of the essential items off the first list for her after I took this picture. I am pretty happy with what I was able to put together a substantial cloth diaper stash for approximately $200.

Why Prefolds? Prefolds are not glamorous and may not have lured me in years ago, but they are a great way to “beef up” a stash, are easy to wash (which will save her some much needed time) and can be used as inserts or doublers so they are great multitaskers. I chose the Diaper Rite prefolds which are shorter and wider than traditional prefolds so they can be folded in thirds and set in the cover. No fancy folding or pinning, which is a relief to many new cloth diapering families.

Although all-in-one diapers would be huge time savers and all-in-two diapers great money savers, the pocket diapers appealed the most to me in my early months and years of cloth diapering, which is why I chose those style in addition to the prefolds. She can even add one of the prefolds in them for overnight absorption when needed and the poo just seems more manageable to plop after the transition stools come along.

I know that I would have made different selections for a different family or with a different budget, but I hope that this cloth diaper stash met this mother’s needs for a functional cloth diaper stash to help her with her budget with her growing family. Have you had the chance to give cloth diapers as a gift to a new cloth diapering mom? If so did you choose quantity to get her started or quality by choosing a favorite style, brand or print?


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  1. What all did you put into your gift basket? Rather, do you have any suggestions for starting out or things of that nature?

    • I put one size pocket diapers, prefolds and covers, wetbags, detergent and other essentials listed in the article as well as on my Cloth Diaper Essentials printable linked above. 😀


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