One Thing I am Dying to Try This Year #StonyfieldGreek

Yogurt. You hear me talk about it often and I am a Stonyfield blogger for a good reason: my family loves it! I grew up with yogurt as a fridge staple and my family of five probably goes through about a gallon of yogurt a week. We usually have a couple of quarts of French Vanilla yogurt on hand, but another favorite is Greek. My kids are particularly fond of Greek yogurt and love it with a drizzle of honey.

Stonyfield Greek CherryWe were thrilled to be one of the first people to try the new and perfected flavors, and one of the two new flavors, Black Cherry, is climbing up on my favorites list. Strawberry will be hard to knock out of first place though, especially with the even yummier reformulated recipe. The samples arrived while my oldest was at school and my youngest was napping, so my little yogurt monster and I took on the grueling task of taste testing a couple of flavors as we tucked the rest away in the fridge. Lucky for me, my son does not like cherries, so I got to enjoy that while he inhaled two cups of the yogurt before sister came home.

You Gotta Try This Stonyfield GreekStonyfield is eager for people to try their new and improved flavors and are spreading the “you gotta try this #StonyfieldGreek!” phrase across social media. They also encouraged their bloggers to talk about something we are dying to try. Although there are a number of exciting things I would love to do this year and in my lifetime, one of the big things I would like to finally take on are swim lessons.

Although I loved to swim as a child it has been so many years since I have done more than splash around in the water that I have lost confidence. Add a severe car accident and some physical limitations to the picture and I have just never gotten the courage to see what I remember. Or if my body even works the way it used to! Since swimming may be one of the few high cardio, low impact options I will have for physical activity I think it is important that I gain these skill and focus on what my body can do rather than dwell on what it cannot.

So if I were to be given a chance to try something this year with some funds to help make it happen I would take weekly private swim lessons at an aquatic center and hire a babysitter so I have no more excuses. I am tired of being embarrassed that I am a weak swimmer and it would also serve as some much needed “mommy time” during my hectic week. What is something you are dying to try this year that you may not have had the courage, funds or time to make a reality?

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I am a Stonyfield blogger and a promotional item will be provided for this article. No monetary compensation will be received and the views and opinions are my own. I will also be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a gift card to make my swim lessons a reality. Wish me luck!

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