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unnamedRemember that funky beanie hat I wrote about a couple of months ago? I saw it for sale at Babies R Us when I was baby gate shopping this week, since we never had stairs for my other two children, and I am pleased to announce that it is now available at in addition to Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us. As I mentioned in the previous article, it is one of those items that you glance over or disregard until you realize your baby is developing flattening on the back of her head.

Although a useful prevention tool for any family, I particularly encourage families with multiple children to consider adding this product to your needs list even if you already have all of the baby gear and clothing from previous children. It is usually that second or third child that gets carted around in the car for school drop offs, soccer practices or popped in the stroller for lengths of time that become more susceptible to flattening, but it can happen to any infant. Even though baby sister was held the majority of her waking hours and popped in a baby carrier or wrap while we were out and about, she still spent a chunk of time in the car between activities and started to sleep through the night very young, which meant a lot of time on her back.

It seemed to creep up on us and all of the sudden when she was about four months old we noticed the flattening on the back of her head. I immediately started to put her to sleep on her side and thankfully it was the summer at that point where we had fewer activities and no school drop offs or pick ups, but it was very noticeable and something we tried our best to resolve before it became worse. We received a large Tortle hat (4-6 mo. size) at this point and used it in the car to prevent any further flattening and it is finally at a point where we do not think any major intervention will be needed.

It is still sad to think that I could have done more to prevent it as she still has some flattening, but I was not aware of the Tortle hat when I was pregnant or when my daughter was a newborn. Because of my experience I hope to spread the work to more families about this tool that it easy to put on as a piece of clothing and can be used during car rides or extended time in bouncers or strollers, and it is encouraging to see it available at more retailers. Unlike some brands sold at Target, this is the same Tortle hat sold at and other retailers, not a Target exclusive or cheaper version.

For additional information about the Tortle, visit their website or check out the hats on Target online!

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A promotional item will be provided for my time in writing this article, but the views and experiences are my own.

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