Would You Spend $100 or More on a Sleep Sack?


Before you start shaking your head and gasping at how ridiculous that would be, let’s talk for a minute. That is a lot of money towards one baby item, but what if I told you it came in two sizes that ranged approximately 2 years of use per size? Add up the number of organic cotton or fleece sleep sacks you would purchase over those two years and although it is still an investment, you might think a little differently about the price point. I will admit that I was very curious, so when I was approached to do a review I happily accepted and chose the thicker winter weight sack.

Merino Kids Sleep SackMerino Kids sleep sacks are made out of merino wool and lined with organic cotton and wool adds additional benefits to regulating baby’s temperature and is naturally fire retardant. This sleep sack will be bulky for infants, but the arm hold snaps prevent young infants from being swallowed into the grow-with-me sizing and the security strap holes to use in the stroller, swing or other baby equipment is my other favorite feature. We started to use this when she was around three months old and although it was bulky, it was nice to know that she was not going to outgrow it in a matter of weeks like her clothing.

In addition to the to size ranges the Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bags also come in two different thicknesses and a variety of colors (they also have a newborn size to use from birth to around 3 months of age). If wool is not your thing, or if you are concerned about wool care, they also have cotton sleep sacks, swaddles and other products available. We really like this sleep sack and I especially like being able to use it on our way to the bus stop as it won’t shift or slip down and drag on the ground like loose blankets.

The sleep sack zips on the side, has two snaps on one shoulder so that it is easy to put on and off and is soft to the touch. This wool is not of the ugly Christmas sweater variety and is finely knit and anything but itchy.

Merino Kids Sleep SackIf you already love wool and are accustomed to dropping $50-$90 on a single pair of longies than the price point will not surprise you, especially with its size range, but it is definitely eye widening if you typically look at fleece versions at a quarter of the price. If you are looking for a quality sleepsack, love (or are curious about) wool and have organic preferences, this is a brand and product to consider. It is expensive, but should last you for multiple kids, and fits the less is more, quality or quantity lifestyle for which I am striving. I have a long ways to get there, but cutting back on the number of sleepsacks is a small start.

What is the most expensive baby clothing item you have purchased?

A sample was provided for this review, but no compensation was received and the views and opinions are my own.

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  1. The most we ever spent on a child’s piece of clothing (we were so blessed his first couple years we never bought anything) was to rent a tuxedo for him to be a ring bearer it cost $90 and we didn’t even get to keep it.

  2. abedabun dawn says:

    Would I spend $100 on a sleep sack for a baby? No. I just could afford that kind of money for something that will be outgrown very quickly.

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