Diaper Dawgs: The Product I Never Thought I Needed

DDawg Close Perhaps like many of you, the first person I thought of when I heard about this product was: my husband. In an interview I did with him this past summer for a guest post on the Charlie Banana blog, he stated that his least favorite part about cloth diapering was the un-stuffing. How better to encourage more diaper laundry help and make his experience more tolerable than with a set of Diaper Dawgs?

Or so I thought. The funny thing is, in the two months we have been using these Diaper Dawgs, my husband has yet to put one to use. And he was the one who I thought would be doing the product reviewing. It took a little bit of discipline to use these the first week, because I was so accustomed to the way I had always done things. And as my old voice teacher used to tell me when I was learning a new technique, it takes a couple of weeks to make a new habit. After a couple of weeks of making a deliberate effort to use them, I have gotten to the point where they are used at just about every diaper change.

J LaughingMy two-year-old can often be found in the bathroom with the sink full of water and his bath toys and Diaper Dawgs playing nicely together. My five-year-old, who often gets asked to get a dirty diaper out of the way, shows a bit of excitement as I tell her she can use a Diaper Dawg for the dirty job at hand. My eight-month-old low crawls across the floor to reach for the colorful accessory in hopes that she will reach it before one of us scoops it up and out of the way. Everyone but my husband seems to reach for the Diaper Dawgs on a daily basis.

Whether you are using pocket diapers, all-in-twos, prefolds or just have an intimidating diaper or potty training mess to clean up, it is nice to have a little barrier to make it less icky. The Diaper Dawgs do not take any odors away and diaper duty is rarely enjoyable, but Diaper Dawgs keep hands cleaner and are a useful tool for caregivers. They cover the top third of my long fingertips and can be easily cleaned with some soap in the sink (they have even gone through the laundry a couple of times on accident, and as long as you catch them before the dryer cycle they should be fine).

I honestly thought that as a veteran cloth diapering mom, these were a product more suited for newbies, husbands or hesitant caregivers. But I have found that it is nice to have my hands a little cleaner throughout the day and like a new puppy they are cute and lure you in. Diaper dogs can be hung or tucked a number of ways between uses and I either hang mine on our (conveniently) oval shaped door knobs that my wetbag is hanging from or on the wetbag itself. Diaper Dawgs are sold in pairs for $7.95 and you can find a list of retailers online.

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