19 Days Until Christmas: Have Your Ordered Your Holiday Cards Yet?

Minted Foil Pressed Card

The answer for me is a panic filled NO! With Thanksgiving behind us, I feel like I suddenly have even less time to pull everything together this year. It did not help that I was pretty sick all of last week and got behind on my lengthy to-do list. One thing that I try to do for Christmas is holiday cards. I cannot afford to buy gifts for everyone I love or care for, but a card is a more personal way to reach out to extended family and friends to let them know we are thinking about them.

Since my husband is home for the holidays this year and we have added another member to our family we are long overdue for a family photo that includes everyone, but I am not sure if we will be able to pull that off in time to mail out cards. Do you take a family photo or pick individual photos of your kids or family from earlier in the year? That is the route I am probably going to take this year so I can get things ordered this week, otherwise, the cards may not happen.

There are hundred of stores to choose from when ordering holiday photo cards and one that I was introduced to this year is Minted. I actually had a sample card in my Martha Stewart magazine this month that caught my attention, like the one pictured above, so when I was asked to work with them I felt that I had a sense of their product and I love premium quality personalized photo stationary. Something that Grandma or Aunt Jane would put on their fridge to display and perhaps keep in a photo album as a keepsake.

Minted Holiday Ornament CardAnother style I like for their functionality are the holiday ornament cards. Not everyone has an elaborate or clever way to display holiday cards in their home, but most people have room on their tree. If all the stars align I may be able to get a cute shot of my three kids this weekend to use on a card, but I am keeping collage layouts in mind since it may be easier to capture good shots of each kid individually as opposed to gambling the odds of them all looking at the camera at the same time. I love the “buy now, upload photo later” option advertised on the site since they give people the chance to take advantage of discounts even when they are not quite organized enough yet to upload a photo to personalize and ship the cards today.

Minted offers a free envelope addressing service and the Find it Fast feature on their website allows you to be able to view your photos on many different designs before picking the perfect one. These cards are not your bargain bin variety, so you will expect to pay a few dollars per card (depending on the quantity purchased), but if you are looking for quality these are cards are impressive. Not sending out cards this year? You may want to check out their personalizable gift wrapping and gift tags to add that extra special touch to your gifts this season.

A promotional item will be provided by Minted, but no compensation was received and the views and opinions are my own.

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