The Best Five Bucks I Have Spent on the Kids in a Long Time #sponsored #MC

Trick or Treat

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Duracell. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

What did everyone dress up for Halloween last week? It has been a week since Halloween and the kids are still excited about their candy and continue to talk about the various decorations they saw around the neighborhood. This year my daughter finally branched out from being a black cat and was a mermaid princess, and my toddler was a firefighter. Since it has been so dark at night, especially before Daylight Savings last weekend, I wanted the kids to have additional visibility. My daughter wore her Ariel light up shoes, my son had reflective stripe on the back of his firefighter jacket and we also decided to get flashlights.

Firefighter HalloweenNow I do not know what it is about kids and flashlights, but it might be the best $5 I have spend in quite some time! They played with them for hours last week and they proudly carried them around the block on Halloween night. It has been so long since I have owned a flashlight that I was excited to see they only used a couple of AA batteries as opposed to the DD batteries I remember putting in my flashlight as a child. Now that we have two kid friendly flashlights, my husband does not have to worry about trying to find his when he needs it for work and the kids can search the closets and under the bed to their heart’s content.

The Daylight Savings change last weekend reminded me that we need to change the batteries of our smoke detectors for the year and after receiving some of the new Duracell Quantum batteries to review, I have been replacing batteries of many toys around the house. What I like most about the Duracell Quantum batteries are the battery life indicator strips, because they show how much energy is left. So when a battery-operated toy stops working (like the Sit ‘n Spin we dug out this week), it helps me to determine if the batteries need to be replaced or if the toy is broken. Unfortunately, for our Sit ‘n Spin new batteries did not solve the problem, but luckily it is a toy that works fine without the music.

These new Quantum batteries feature a high-density core, which means more power and a 10-year storage life perfect for emergency kits. Their red color helps consumers to identify them at a glance and their commercials featuring firefighters are a favorite of my little firefighter. Duracell also has a documentary style video series spotlighting first responders and their stories of sacrifice and heroism. Hosted by Tim McGraw, the video where an infant is rescued in a fire definitely left me foggy-eyed and it was neat to see the firefighters reunited with the girl a decade later.

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  1. we got headlamps for camping this summer and yes I agree it was the best!

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