Do You Feel Safe With Your Shredder in Your Toddler’s Reach? #sponsored #MC

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Fellowes. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

I love to organize. Labeling, sorting, cleaning and decorating all bring some zen into my life. My main obstacle, if you could not guess, is keeping things organized when I have four other people who do not have the same priorities when it comes to keeping house. Organization was relatively important to me in grad school and when I was first married, but it was not until I started having children that all of the sudden the amount of things we owned exploded. From double the groceries to toys and clothes, it was overwhelming.

Finally, a few years ago I organized the garage by buying shelving and labeling bins, which has made a significant difference in maintaining the piles of outgrown things that seem to stack up throughout the year. Every so often I will get clothing bins out for the next season and store the outgrown shoes and clothing in clearly labeled bins, and sort the things that need to be donated, stored or discarded.

With all of the baby gear, toys and clothing the office was an area that took the back burner for a while and although there was some organization for important documents, there was a lot of work to be done. It improved significantly after I got a label maker and I labeled dozens of files in all of our file drawers. My files all had a place to go and it was much easier to find old documents or file new ones.

One thing our office still lacked all of these years was a paper shredder. I needed one that was safe to have in the home without my kids getting injured, but that was reliable and durable. When we had the opportunity to review the Fellowes Paper Shredder we were excited, because it seemed to have all of the features we wanted in a paper shredder.

As I highlight in my video above, the Fellowes 63Cb shredder has SafeSence technology, which ensures that no fingers or paws are injured and the Fellowes Jam Blocker technology prevents paper jams. The 63Cb shredder has an 8 minute run time (before needing a 20 minute cool down period), a 5 gallon capacity drawer and an Energy Savings System that functions both when the machine is in use and not.

The Cross-Cut blades, which shred each piece of paper into over 300 pieces, has been a great upgrade from my less than efficient hand shredding and I love that it cuts through staples, paper clips and credit cards with ease. Now our family has peace of mind when recycling our financial and military documents, and we have a paper shredder to call our own. Fellowes Buy Right Infographic

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