A Product You Think is for Helicopter Parents Until You Realize Your Baby is Developing Flat Head Syndrome ~Plus~ Tortle #Giveaway (11/27)


“Back to sleep”. This is a phrase any parent in the past decade should be very familiar with, as the Back to Sleep campaign has helped educate parents in an attempt to reduce cases of SIDS. Thankfully, the incidence of SIDS has decreased by about half, but since babies are spending significant time on their backs the reports of flat head syndrome have increased by 600% in the past two decades. I have followed the back to sleep guidelines and since I never experienced issues with flat head syndrome with my first two children, I did not even consider a preventative tool like the new Tortle hat for baby sister.

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I almost glanced over the email I received a few months ago introducing the product, because it seemed like a “helicopter parent” product that I surely did not need for my third baby. I had noticed over the past month that she was developing some flatness, but I did not realize how much until that week when it was on my mind. Much to my surprise, baby had started sleeping through the night at two months old and she spent a couple of hours a day in her car seat as I shuffled her siblings around to school and activities, so I guess she was more likely to develop the flattening than her older siblings who spent less time in the car and did not sleep that well until they were older infants.

At five months old baby sister was almost out of the size range the Tortle is available in, but I figured even if she only used it while we were in the car that it could help a little. I had started to put baby to sleep on her side to prevent it from getting worse and we started to use the Tortle for longer jaunts in the car until she started to learn to take it off. Now that she is spending less time on her back as she has learned to sit up, pull order zovirax herself up and is on the verge of crawling I am hoping we can avoid a visit to the children’s hospital to get fitted for helmets or any other craziness. The flatness in her head is noticeable if you are looking for it, but I feel as though it has improved a little over the past few months.

Why is Tortle Important?
• Every infant is at risk of developing Flathead Syndrome-prevention is key.
• If parents do not actively reposition the infant’s head from side to side, positional plagiocephaly and/or torticollis progress rapidly – many infants already have a significant problem by 2 months of age.
• Incidence of plagiocephaly is increasing and now affects nearly 48% or 1 out of 2 babies by the age of 5 months.
• Premature infants with prolonged hospital stays, and multiples (twins or triplets) are at particular risk unless nursing programs address the problem.
• Medical treatments to correct the condition include physical therapy and custom helmets and may exceed $5,000 in cost.

Have you had experience with flat head syndrome? We will be following up with the doctor next month at her well baby appointment, and hopefully there has been enough improvement that we will not need to make any interventions. I wish I had taken the prevention more seriously or had been more aware of the higher risk she had from her extra time in the car and sleeping for long stretches at such a young age. I would recommend this product to new and veteran parents to use the first few months as a preventative measure, even if it is only used for designated time periods like car rides. The Tortle is available in three sizes and in multiple prints and colors. Visit Tortle.com for additional product information and to find a retailer near you.

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A sample was provided, but no compensation was received for this post. Giveaway and product information was provided by Tortle.

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  1. I learned that it has been cleared by the FDA!

  2. I like that it prevents and treats head flattening. I like the elephant print.

  3. The Tortle MidLiner is recommended for use in newborns

  4. what a great idea for newborns

  5. Debbie Davis says:

    I wish I had been told about flat head syndrome when my baby was born. Had no ideas and ended up with a helmet. I would have loved to have used this product!

  6. francinesanche says:

    I learned that repositioning therapy is the best thing to do for my daughters age – 3 months.

  7. abedabun dawn says:

    Who won?


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