The Perfect Country CD for “Ages One to Older than Dirt” ~Plus~ Giveaway (10/15)

Frog Trouble Album Cover

When I hear country music I immediately think of my husband, who was raised for most of his childhood in Texas. I grew up hearing some old country music my mother would listen to, but it wasn’t until the past decade that I got familiar with great artists like George Strait and Brad Paisley. They make me think of my sweetheart and bring a smile to my face.

So naturally, I was pretty ecstatic when I was given a sample copy of Sandra Boynton’s new children’s album Frog Trouble featuring artists such as Brad Paisley, Ben Folds, Josh Turner and Alison Krauss. They are catchy tunes that, in my husband’s words, “don’t sound like kid songs”. Clearly the lyrics of the songs are fitted for children, but they are sung in the true style of each artist which makes it pleasurable for my husband and I to listen to while still being fun for the kids.

If you read Sanra Boynton’s profile on social media sites like Twitter you cannot help but fall in love with her! I chuckled as I read “Trying to Think of a Motto Since 1973” and “counterproductive kazooist” and I knew that my kids would adore this album. She handpicked each artists for the songs she wrote and I would have thought Sandra had collaborated with the songwriting before I read more about the album, because she paired their musical style with the songs so beautifully.

“Copycat” is a favorite of ours —or perhaps the one that is stuck in our head on repeat— and we all giggle at “I’ve Got a Dog”, but songs such as “End of a Summer Storm” and “Beautiful Baby” are pleasing to listen to with their calmer, lyrical nature. So the bottom line is that this is an album we are fond of and would recommend to any country and non-country fans alike.

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